collector trailer analysis

The trailer begins with an orange screen stating the following preview is approved for restricted audiences only. This shows the following movie is aimed at an older audience above a certain age limit. Most horror movies are rarely aimed at a younger audience, tgere are then advertisements for a movie company, that produced the movie, “LIDDEL Entertainment.” This is so viewers may recognise this label and maybe gain an idea of what to expect from this movie, on weather this movie company is well known for a good or bad reputation of movies.

The establishing shot of a big white house in the dark, stands out against the night sky and is easily noticed, open target. This image creates a setting for the movie, it is common for horror movies to be based in a house. This is also the house that is used in the image for the movie poster and website, so it is relevant to the movie. It is also common for horror movies to be set in the night as it is dark and the darkness can be a fear.

A caption then comes up saying “A thief broke into this house” obviously referring to the house in the image. This is in a block capital white font which contrasts well against the black background. The sound made when this text appears is similar to the sound of lightening, which connotes fear as people can be scared of it. The sound is an initial shock and also relates to lightening as a bright light shines just behind the text as it appears.

The next shot shows a male trying to open a safe this is obviously being the person who broke into the house. The non diegetic sounds such as the safe being opened and the equipment this character is using enhances what he is doing and the audience can see this clearly. The scream he hears through a vent makes the audience curious to know who it is, why she is screaming and what is going to happen. It makes the audience drawn in to watch the rest of the trailer.

The next caption to appear reads “but someone worse got there first” written in the same white font against the black background. This makes the audience want to know who that someone is and what makes them worse.

The diegetic sounds we hear every few seconds tie in with the movie and the pace of the trailer. The build up of the sound creates tension throughout the trailer and sets a tone to the theme. The music and sounds in this trailer match all sudden movement made and creates more emphasis on fear.

The male in the mask is clearly the character on the movie poster and website, he doesn’t feel the need to identify himself. We can see an arial shot of two male chacracters both dressed in black, this connotes evil and mystery. The characters look very similar, but one of them is wearing the mask, this makes the audience curious to know why and who they are. The character in the mask is clearly linked to the caption “someone worse.” The audience wants to know why he is worse.

The next shot we see is one of the male characters in the dark holding a torch, the fact he is surrounded by darkness connotes fear as the dark is something some people fear. Not being able to see in the dark creates the idea of people fearing what they cant see. People not being able to see in the dark is seen as a danger aspect as you don’t know what is around. Its a weakness as it is like not having one of your senses.

Next we see a woman with tape over her eyes, she is also in darkness as she cannot see. She is crying and saying “he has taken” her “husband” and “daughter.” This shows she has been over powered by a man, but she is seeking help of another man. The character we see with a mask, all we are able to see of him are his eyes, this make him mysterious. They don’t know who he is or why he is there. The male character who seems to have blood over him, connotes death and murder, there is also a character tied to a chair this connotes torture. These seem to be the main themes carried out in the movie as we can see from the trailer. The woman crying says “he is going to kill us all” this makes the audience question how one person over powers them all. This shows she is vulnerable and scared, these are elements and aims of horror. The diegetic sounds used in this trailer change to music halfway through the trailer. The music is at a fast pace to match the quick pace of the screen shots. The fact the next caption says “writers of saw IV, V and VI” these are other horror movies. This shows the writers of this movie are experienced in horror movies, so the audience will know what to expect.

The scenes of violence also enhance this movies isn’t aimed at a younger audience. The gun, violence and blood are all negative views but fit in perfectly for horror movies as horror is not a positive genre anyway. It is clear to the audience the characters are scared and fearful, the audience can relate to this and the fact the trailer portrays there is a clash between the two male characters creates tension in the movie for the audience to be drawn into. The rainy weather we see in the movie trailer relates to the lightening and thunder sound we hear in the first half of the trailer.

Towards the end of the trailer the movie title appears also the release date “July 31st” this is so the audience know when they can go see it. The bright light underneath the text draws in more attention. The credits at the end show the actors, producers and companies involved in the movie. The website given at the end is promotion for the movie so the audience can go an research more information on the movie to make them want to go and watch it more or decide weather they want to go watch it at all.

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