collector poster analysis

The main focus on the poster is the main image in the the centre of the poster. It is an image of a character the back of his head, with a mask being tied on. We don’t see this characters face, as it is the back of its head, so we don’t know who it is. The character doesn’t seem to want us to identify him either as he is wearing a mask, which is common for character in horror movies. For people to not know who they are or what they are. The fact the character is dressed in black connotes mystery. Which is like the poster it is very dull and dark and the dominant colour is black. The fact the character is dressed in all black from what we can see could also connote death, as black is worn at funerals. The mask he is wearing creates the idea of people fearing what they cant see, the idea of the movie is to create the emotion of fear into the audience, and to have them on edge. The house we can make out in the background sets a scene and gives us an idea where the movie is going to be set, this is also something that is common in most horror movies or it to take place in a house. As it is an environment everyone can relate to, putting the audience in a place where they feel as if they can put themselves into the same situation as whats happening in the movie. This helps scare the audience more. The fact the character is facing the house tells us thats where he is planning on going, the fact he has to wear a mask before he enters the house shows us he doesn’t want his victims to know who he is. Above the image towards the top of the poster is a caption that reads “he always takes one” giving the audience a slight idea of what the concept of the movie is. This also relates to the image as the he who always takes one is the character in the image, it intrigues the audience into wanting to find out why. The font they have used is small, white and capitalised, it contrasts well against the black background and is easy to read by the audience. The movie title “The Collector” portrays the image of the character even further by the fact it says “he always takes one” this can be linked together with the movie title. This is in a white, bold, capitalised font, because it is bold it draws attention to itself more than the caption but also contrasts well against the black background. Underneath the movie title it has the website address for the movie in very small, red capitalised font, the red stands out against the black background. The red also connotes blood which connotes death and murder. The fact the font is very small shows it isn’t as important as the other texts on this poster. But it has significance otherwise it wouldn’t be on the poster. The website was printed on the poster as an extra promotion feature for audiences to find out a bit more about the movie. Even though the poster doesn’t use bright colours as it is aimed at an audience who watch horror movies so the elements on this poster are all recognised and are common in horror movies. It stands out well in its genre of movie and will be recognised straight away by any audience that it is a poster for a horror movie, against other movie genre posters.

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