Draft Shooting Schedule

3 Locations – Countryside/Field – Syston Town centre – Housing Estate Cast- To be verified (Actor A/Actor B/ Actor C and Villain)

First day- Will be filming in the town centre with actor A and C and will slowly move into the countryside. Shots- Establishing shot, long shot, medium-close ups.

Second Day- Now we will be only filming in the field, preferably at late afternoon to night. Villain will be introduced but no clashes with victims. Shots – long shots and one establishing shot of the field. Also need close up’s of the victims and maybe some shot reverse shots. Props- Mobile Phone, costume for actors and villain (long black clothing, face masked) and finally weapon for villain – only to establish to audience what it is.

Third Day- Both uses of the countryside and the housing estate, actors will remain in the same costume. We will start to see villains and victims in the same shots and together on screen. Shots- close up of victims, mid shot of the villain. Also there will be tracking shots and maybe shot reverse shots of the victims talking. Possible long shot of the housing estate. Props same as before.

Fourth Day- Remain in the countryside and use estate, will be predominantly using close ups and tracking shots of the victims running, and close ups of the killings.

Fifth and final day – Look over the film and check what needs improving or to be re-shot. See what needs edited as well.

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