Production Schedule (draft)

Monday 20th September- I will send a text round to all of my potential cast; asking whether they are interested in being in my trailer and arrange a meeting when we can all get together and i can discuss what i will need them to do e.g meeting up after college to film, organizing costumes.

Wednesday 22nd September- I will have a meeting with my cast and find out when everyone is available to film, what costumes/props they have & give them some information on the characters they will be playing so they can prepare.

Saturday 25th september– I will go into town and buy some fake blood,  and sort through props that own myself, E.g knifes, spades.

Monday 27th september- I Will revisit my locations at the time they will be set in my film, this is to ensure no problems will arise. I will also confirm with the owner of the ‘Manor’ that I have permission to film on the set dates.

Tuesday 12th  October- I will film as much of my film as i can and book another shoot with everyone so that i can film anything else.

Friday 22nd October- I will edit the footage i have gathered, making sure and noting down what else i have left to film.

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