Production Schedule

(Before I begin my planning, it is essential that I know what must be carried out and when I can organise to do this. This allows me to plan my production well in order to keep to my set deadlines.)


The production of my promotional package is something which must be planned well in advance in order to make sure I am well organised. This requires careful consideration to ensure that my actors and actresses are available for filming on specific dates. I have arranged this with the participants and now know of the important dates to begin my filming for my trailer and to take photographs for my poster and website. At this time, these dates will be planned; however, if there is a case of unfortunate weather for example, these may change and may be rescheduled. My actor availability is clearly very important, however, I must also arrange for certain props, equipment and locations and these must therefore be booked and collected for my chosen dates. My production schedule is shown below in the format of a Prezi presentation. To view this, simply click on the right arrow. The user may also zoom in to certain parts of move around the display. I have chosen to present my schedule through the use of a calendar, clearly highlighting important dates:

(Now I know of my important dates, I can begin to make preparations in advance, in order to keep well organised. My first main task consists of taking original photographs for my website and poster.)

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