Production Schedule

Production Schedule

Day 1- Wednesday 22nd September, Location- Countryside Road & Farm, Scene 5,6 and 8. the timing of filming will start at 16:00- 19:00, this is to get the right timing of them getting lost and heading to the farm in a time that isn’t to light but is at a time where its darker

Day 2- Saturday 25th September, Location- House and Drive Way, Scene 2 and 3. The timing of filming will be early hours of the day as this needs to be filmed in the day. Props needed are car, camping bags, costumes including casual trousers and jumpers.

Day 3- Wednesday 29th September, Location- Farm, Scene 9, 10, 11, 12. The Timing will need to be late hours of the day such as 18:00- 21:00. Props needed are camping bags, boots, hoody jumpers, overall a rough casual look.

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