Texas Chainsaw massacre the beggining poster

Title is on the top and in the centre the grab audience’s attention The title is considered self-explanatory The whole posetr is old and rusty which links in with the title of it being “the beginning” “witness” gives the audience that sense of witnessing of what is happeneing “fear” gives that sense of definiton “Birth” links in with the title The black smoke behind the main image could mean that he has already casused destruction behind him and it is following him `The main image is walking towards the light, this coold mean that he seeking out to casue destructuon He is walking by himself which means he is isoloated and is walking to maybe seek out his next victim. His sleeves are rolled up which could mean that he is ready for business The chainsaw is the an important item because the whole film is based around that chiansaw, it obviously adds that idea of danger. The main image is wearing a butchers attire, which could show the way he handles his victim, this could also tel the audience that the film will most lilely be quite gory Assumed knowlgede is used for the main image considering the film is a prequel The legal information is on the bottom of the posetr so it Is not that noticeable Considering the film is a prequel the character is walking down a long road, which could mean that he a long road ahead of him The colours that are used are very dark which shows mystery and evil There is a strap around the main images head, which if the audience had seen past fims, they will know that he is wearing one of his victims faces. You cannot see the main images face, wihich adds mystery and gives you that sense of fear


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