Strangers Trailer

The strangers trailer

Legal information at beginning

Media industries

First two shots sets location, music in background is piano to set romantic scene and peacefulness

Rose petals on bed connote love and romance, gives you the sense of a happy couple, the candles represent this as well

Long shot used to show man lighting candles, this shows his independence, the scenery around the house shows his wealth.

Dis-equilibrium is set as they both turn around after banging noise

Screen then goes black and text says “inspired by true events”, this is a selling point, and the font is white which does a good contrast to the black background.

Non diegetic music is tense as woman notices swing with know one on it, this shows mystery and sets up the idea of isolation

Text reappears as it says, “we always tell ourselves” in white font to contrast with black background

The dialog of the man saying “I haven’t heard a dog bark or a car pas” sets u the isolation that is a good convention of horror movies

The close up of the woman locking the door represents her fear

The non diegetic music continues as it turns more tense, the mid shot of the woman standing there, while a mysterious man is lurking I the shadows, sets up her vulnerability and fear is immediately established

The non diegetic music continues as it turns into banging noises, and the victims are now aware something is outside, the shot of the villain woman lurking in the shadow’s with a mask on connotes mystery and danger

The shot of the little girl standing in the middle of the road sets up fear and mystery and once again reinstitutes the fact of isolation

It then cuts to man and the woman being vulnerable by looking around the house, the music has turned to diegetic music of the record player playing classic but scary music

The close up of the phone in the fie represents danger and that know one is coming to help them, this once again shows isolation

The close up of the axe going through the door shows danger as it is a weapon, the mid-shot of the man and the woman being scared sets up fear within ourselves

The diegetic music has now changed as the record player has now been scratched and now is on repeat, this represents fear and confusion

The text reappears as it says “this summer”, this informs the audience of when the film is due to be released

The shot of the little girl sitting on the swing by herself, adds fear because it may show some form of insanity, the girl is wearing a mask that connotes fear and mystery

The over shoulder shot of the villain male following the victim male shows vulnerability, and focus then appears on the victim male as he has a sense something is behind him, it then cuts to the shot of the villain female lurking over certain log of some kind, this may represent the quote “I’m coming to get you”

The shots are now cutting a lot quicker and show the victims screaming in fear, and the villains chasing something, this adds fear and confusion

The next shot is of the female villain walking after the female victim , as the female villain is crawling away, this shows their dominance level.

The close up of the knife connotes danger and fear

The close up of killer shows the villains intentions and their insanity levels, and this connotes danger and may tell the audience what is going to happen in the film

The shot of the female victim hitting against the window trying to escape, shows her fear and will certainly scare the audience

The next shot is of the villain family standing over the victims are they are tied up, this shows their dominance and the victims innocence and vulnerability

The final shot is a blurred picture of the male villain and the dialog is said by the victim woman “why are you doing this to us” as the villain replies “because you were home”. This will automatically add fear to the audience the answer is simple the answer of a psychopath because the answer is not justifiable

The blurred image of the male villain connotes fear and confusion

The cast is then shown in text to add a selling point

The very final shot is of a villain female lurking on the shadows which adds fear, mystery and confusion

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