Questionnaire Website with results and analysis



  1. What is your age?

12-15 =  2

16-18 = 12

18 = 1

  1. What is your gender?

Male = 10

Female = 5

  1. Would you like a lot of text on a website?

Yes = 3

No = 12

  1. Would you like the website to have the main character or a mix of all characters?

Main characters = 14

All characters = 1

  1. What type of colours would you expect to be see on a website?

Dark = 15

Bright = 0

Mixture of both = 0

  1. What catches your attention on a website?

Main image = 12

Colours = 3

Cast = 0

Would you rather focus on the text or the image on a website?

Text = 4

Image = 11

8   Do you expect to be able to watch the film trailer on the website?

Yes = 15

NO = 0

9     Do you want to hear background music to fit the genre of the website?

Yes = 15

No = 0

11 Would you like to see the release date on a teaser website?

Yes =  7

No = 8

12 How many images would you expect to see on a horror film website?

1 main image = 4

2 images = 8

3 or more images = 3

From this website questionnaire I have found out that my website should have approximately two images on it, it is a mixed response of having the release date shown, it is a certainty that I must have background music on my website, it is also a certainty for my audience to watch my trailer on the website, people also seem more interested to have more focus on the main image of the website rather to the text, this also links in that the thing that catches people’s eyes is the main image, dark colours is also a certainty on the website, these questions were asked to people that is in my target audiences of 15+

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