Questionnaire Poster with results and analysis

What is your age?

12-15 = 2

16-18 = 12

18+ = 1

What is your gender?

Male = 10

Female = 5

Would you like the Poster to have the main character or a mix of all characters?

Main characters = 15

Mix of  characters = 0

  1. What type of colours would you expect to be see on the Poster?

Dark = 10

Bright = 3

Mixture of both = 2

  1. What catches your attention on the Poster?

Main image = 10

Colours = 3

Cast = 2

Tag lines = 0

Would you rather focus on the text or the image on the poster?

Text = 0

Image = 15

From this questionnaire I have found out that it is a certainty that the poster should consist of having the main character at the front, the majority of people believed that the poster should have dark colours on it, the main image idea also links in with the idea that the main thing that catches people’s attention is the main image, and it is also a certainty that the image is the main thing people focus on when looking at posters

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