Questionaire for Trailer with results and analysis



What is your age?

12-15 = 2

16-18 = 12

18+ = 1

What is your gender?

Male = 10

Female = 5

Would you like a lot of text in your trailer?

Yes  = 2

No = 13

Would you like the trailer to have the main character or a mix of all characters?

Main characters = 15

All characters = 0

What type of colours would you expect to be see on the trailer?

Dark = 5

Bright = 5

Mixture of both = 5

What catches your attention in the trailer?

Main images  = 10

Colours = 4

Cast = 1

Tag lines = 0

Would you rather focus on the text or the images in the trailer?

Text = 0

Image = 15

8. Would you expect the trailer to tell you the basic outline of the film?

Yes = 9

No = 6

How long would you expect a horror movie teaser trailer to last?

10-20 seconds = 0

20-30 seconds =  0

30-40 seconds = 8

40-50 seconds = 5

over 50 seconds = 2

What stands out the most for you when you watch movie trailers?

The music used= 0

The actors used = 2

Where the film is set = 0

The main storyline = 13

From my trailer questionnaire I found out that my audience would prefer that there is a limited amount of text used in the trailer, it is a certainty to use the main characters on the trailer, it was completely mixed when asking what type of clours to use in the trailer, this gives me a choice out of dark,bright or a mixture of both colours, The main images in th trailer is apparently the most important thing and takes over the music etc,  the trailer should approximately last up to 30- 50 seconds, which is what my audience want

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