Halloween Poster

Halloween Poster

“The” gives that sense of definition

The black font contrasts with the white background

“Returned” gives audience that sense of excitement

Main image shows dominance by taking up half of poster

The scar on the main image may represent a troubled past

The main image shows mystery because of the mask used, also the main image has no emotion which could represent the way he feels about his murders

The main image is looking down, this could make the audience feel sympathetic for him , or is the killer looking down at his victims, which also reflects dominance

His dirty clothing could be an exampole of his personality or his messy manor for killing people

The director is highlighted because he is famous director, this will make the audience ant to watch the film

The date stands out to inform the audience

His black appearance adds that sense of mystery

The audience will have that sense of assumed knowledge towards the character

The knife represents danger and a possible victim is on its reflection, the knife is also quite rusty which could represent the way he has returned from the past

The house in the background could show the setting of the film, but it is quite faded which could represent something in his past

The house is quite big which could represent that he came from a good background or he stereotypes usually killers by going for people that live in suburban areas

He is turning away from the house to maybe mean he is turning his back on his past

He is wearing gloves which could represent that he is quite clever with his killings

The text with all legal information fades into the background because the audience would not want to see that

The title represents the holiday, as Halloween is a very scary time of year

The main image and the title is the main selling point as it they are both very famous in the genre of horror


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