Questionnaire Results charts

In order to create a successful product package, i created a questionnaire that i gave out to 10 Men and 10 women. The questionnaire would give me a greater understanding of my target audience. I chose the target audience as mainly 15-25 year old males, as this is the age i feel i can mostly relate too and create a product to suit that target audience better. I collected the results, then put them into charts. The results charts will help me get a better visual look at the data, so that its easy to read and see which options are the most popular and which are not, to then make informed decisions about my promotional package and its production.

I created my charts on Microsoft excel, using a range of contrasting colours so my charts can be read easier and quicker.

Here are my charts:

As my chosen target audience is 15-25 year olds, this is who i mostly chose to give my questionnaire too so i could get their opinions (As seen below).

General Questions – These will help me get to know my Target audiences likes/dislikes with horror movies

Trailer Questions – These will help me decide on what features to include in my trailer

Poster section – These will help me decide on what to include on my poster design

Website section – To give me ideas for my website layout and design

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