Questionnaire results analysis

Looking at my results graphs from my questionnaire, I can make a good analysis of my results. Rather than a cluster of questions and numbers, the graphs have given me a good visual look at the results so they’re easier to read, and identify the most popular and unpopular choices.

 General Section analysis

Question number one asks the audience which sub genre of horror they are drawn too. This will help me get a better understanding of which sub-genre is most popular between my target audience. From my pie chart I can see that psychological horror is most popular between my target audience, with 7 out of the 20 people asked preferring it, and Ghost/Haunting coming a close second with 6 out of 20. I already wanted my theme to be psychological, and now I know that this is popular with my target audience, I will solidly make it my theme.

The second question I asked is what my audience liked about the horror genre. This would give me a better understanding of what aspects of the horror genre they are drawn too. I can see from my chart that there is a relatively even spread of preferences, but suspense is the most popular choice between my target audience. This helps me decide what the audience most like so that I can include it into my trailer.

My third question was asking what makes a horror movie appeal to my target audience, so that I can maybe make it the focus of my production package. The results look to be a fairly even spread, but surprising twists and actors/actresses came out as the most important factors to my target audience. I could focus on a surprising twist in my trailer, and edit it to make it more of a surprise. I can also include more information about actors and actresses, or make the text on my poster that says about the actors and actresses in my movie, larger.

Following that, I asked what the most important element in a horror movie was, so I could give more concentration to that area of my movie. The choice ‘Plot’ came out as the most important, with 8 people out of my 20 saying that it’s the most important option. I can use this information to then concentrate more on developing my plot line more, and revealing a bit of my plot and narrative in my trailer.

In my final question of this general section, i asked the audience what would draw you to watch a horror movie. This information would help me to know what the audience finds the most important aspect of a horror movie, so i could focus on that to help me draw in a wider audience. The choice ‘trailer’ came out on top with 11 out of 20 people favouring it. I can tell from this that an audience is mostly drawn to the trailer, which motivates me to create an interesting and intriguing trailer. I’m also going to use the results from my trailer section to help me on this further.

Trailer section analysis

Trailer questions


Using the results from this section, and my general section will help me create my poster to the best it can be for my target audience.

The first question i asked was how long before a movie should the poster be released. The option 3-5 months was the most popular. I asked this question so that when it comes to making my trailer (and production package) i can include a release date in the credits. 3-5 Months is a long time, so i could write ‘realised this autumn’, or something along those lines to suggest that the trailer has been released a while before the release of the movie.

The second question i asked was how do you think the opening of a trailer should begin. The option ‘flashback/flashforewards’ was most popular, so i will keep this in mind when it comes to choosing how to start my trailer.

In the third question, i found that the audience would like as much of the plot as possible to be revealed, so i will try and include a good idea of the plot of the story in my trailer. But i don’t want to give it all away, so i could maybe use subtle hints at the story line.

In the fourth question i asked my target audience what contributes most towards the scary atmosphere in a horror movie trailer. This will help me decide on what elements to include in my trailer to make it as scary as possible. The answer that came out as most popular was suspense music, so i am defiantly going to include a lot of suspence music to keep the audience satisfied, and on the edge of their seats.

My fifth question asked if its important to include a lot or little information about directors and crew in my trailer. 18 out of my 20 people said they prefer a lot of information, so i can use this to now know that i need to include a lot of information about cast and crew in my movie credits at the end.

I also wanted a rough idea of how long the audience want my teaser trailer to be, so it will hold their attention but also reveal an idea of the plot. The larger amount of my audience would like a trailer that is 2-3 minutes, so i will try and aim to film and edit my film so its roughly around this time.

Poster section analysis

For the first question I asked what colour scheme my poster should have. From my textual analysis’ I pulled out the most popular colour schemes and listed them as my options for the audience to choose from. The larger proportion of my audience chose ‘blue, white and black’ as their preferred colour scheme. I also noticed that this is the colour scheme that the SAW movies use, so i will defiantly keep this colour scheme in mind and use it throughout my promotional package.

My second option was what the audience prefer to see on a horror movie poster. The most preferred option was lots of images, so i now know that its important to have a main large image on my poster as this is a factor that my audience is mainly drawn too.

I also needed to know what grabbed my audience’s attention on a poster so I could decide on what to make a focus on my poster to grab attention. The two most popular choices are imagery and names of the actors, so i could maybe concentrate on making these factors stand out from the rest in order to grab the audiences attention.

My final question i asked my 20 people if the prefer more imagery on a poster, more information, or a combination of both. 11 out of my 20 chose ‘more imagery’, and another 6 chose a combination. I am going to choose to use a combination of both, but make the pictures larger so it goes with my audiences, and my own personal preference.

Website section analysis

From my textual analysis i saw that a lot of websites have the option to watch the movie trailer on them. I wanted to know if my audience liked this factor, and 19 out of 20 said they would like the option of being able to watch the trailer on my website, so i will defiantly include this option when it comes to making my website.

My second question asked what features the audience would prefer to see on my website, which would give me a good clue on what to include on my website when i create it. The three most popular choices were

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