Script and Film Treatment



Scene One

Hannah: I’m making this film to find out what happened to the Omega Pie sisters. The truth is still out there and I’ve got to find it.

(Whilst Hannah is talking the screen plays silent footage of OPS having a laugh in a field and in a ca, Screen shows Hannah on *and I’ve got to find it*.)

Hannah: what do you think about the Omega Pie Suicides?

Boy +Girl: Horrible, I can’t believe it happened near us, we used to be friends with them to!

Girl: they say the place where they die is haunted. No-one ever goes there anymore. Even in the day time.

(Hannah Ruffles through handbags and clothes, she finds a tape, screen goes black)

Scene two

Raska: she was my best friend told her everything

Ellie: I just went along with it.

Tasia: (sobs) they made me, they made me do it.

Cut to – Dragging jade off

Silent – close up on the wellie in bush

Scene Three

Hannah: I don’t believe it, it can’t be true.

~ The only way I can prove anything, is if I find the body.

(Cut to Hannah searching in the bushes still daylight. She hears something but carries on)

Phone rings

Hannah: I’m in Coombe grange, yes I know it’s haunted but I’ve got to do something – (line cuts) hello, hello?

Scene Four

Hannah: into the camera something’s after me, I can feel it,

(Turns around, screams (ad lib) and runs)

Drops camera

Cuts to night

Someone has picked up the camera and is following Hannah.

Hannah: help, who’s there, please stop it.

Cut to Hannah crawling away on the floor, three shadows loom over her face.

Hannah: You can’t kill me like you killed jade, please leave me alone.

Screams, close up on Hannah touching dead body.

Blackness and scream

Shot of Claire being dragged away.


Omega pie sisters: We Shall Never Die.






For My project i have decided to create a Film poster, trailer and website, the genre of my film is horror. I have used the common feature in many female relationships “Sisterhood”.  this treatment will explain my film idea so that i can plan my trailer and poster and website around it.

My film is called “Sisterhood” and is based upon the common concept of sisterhood and e.g. sororities in the US. It centers around 3 girls who have killed one of their “sisters”. A year later they are still thinking about the event and the consequences.

its all done on a handheld camera and follows the story of a hannah (17 -19) who are in a college group/sorority. They are researching the suicides of three of their predeccesing members ( Tasia, Raska and ellie) who were found dead with no evidence surround it. She stumbles upon a video tape  containg the evnts that led to anotehr members ( Jade) dissapearance. On the same tape she also finds the suicide notes( video) of the three girls. Hannah then goes to the spot to look for jades body but upon getting there she realises that the area has changed and has become more populated by greenery and bushes which makes it harder for her. She starts looking around midday and finds nothing, but as night nears she starts hearing noises and starts getting paranoid. it ends with hannah being killed at the end with the camera facing away from her, and the camera also being blacked out.

I looked at a theorist called Vladimir Propp. he said the there were several parts that made up the structure of a film. These were the preparation, complication, transference, struggle, return and recognition. by looking at this it gave me a chance to figure out how my own film would unravel. And allows let me see how i could develop my film.

in horror films, the characters are usually quite relatable. this draws the audience member in so that when something bad happens it effects you to.

location also plays a key part in any film, as the location sets the atmosphere for any scene.

Act 1


Kate Brown as Girl 1

Leo Fields as Boy 1

Jumanji Parmar as Boy 2

claire walker as Hannah

Location Beauchamp college


claire talks into the handheld camera and explains what she is doing and why.


hannah  asks different people what they thought about the news and also what they thought of the girls that dies and Jade who is missing.  They also talk about the spot where the three girls where found dead and say that its haunted.


hannah searches the girls hideout at college, and finds a bag with their schoolstuff in and a video tape. She watches it and finds out the truth.

Act 2 ( on the tape)


Jade warren – jade

Raska Radulovic – Raska

Tasia Dore – Taz

Ellie Mitchell – Ellie


Oadby Grange


all four girls in the car traveling to coombe grange.  they are all playful but are irratated because of the weather. Its jades party so they are going camping. ellie and taz play dumb to what is about to happen.


Raska pretends to hear someone and the girls all get scared and start running. they stop and hear the noise again. Raska decides this is teh spot where they are going to kill jade. they strangle jade and leave her body in some shrubbery . Taz cant stand the guilt and runs off.


the suicide notes are filmed on camera and each has a different thing to say about it. Raska is more dominant and says she wanted to kill her. Taz is extremely sorry and feel extremely guilty, Ellie is oblivious to what she has done and just goes along with the other girls. The tape ends with “Omega Pie We Will Never Die” which is ironic because of all of the girls situations.

Act  3


claire walker  as Hannah


Fields and Oadby Grange


hannah starts to deliberate about how she should handle this evidence. she decides she wants to to take it on herself and decides to go to where she thinks the body is hidden


Hannah meets some Omega Pie members on the way there and tells them what she’s doing. She tells them that if she doesn’t call by midnight then comedown and help her.


Hannah makes her way down to where the body is supposedly hidden. she tells of how scared she is but also about the fact that she is betraying her “sisters”. she carries on and approaches the mouth of the woods.

Act 4


Claire Walker as Hannah


Coombe Grange


Hannah enters and starts looking for clues. She finds some items of clothing and stores them in her bag. She continues till dark


Hannah thinks someone is following her and tries to get out. she looks around for the exit but cant find one and starts to panic. hannah tips over something and realizes its Jades body is the bushes. She runs away and trips over.(the sound goes from her camera and all is in silence for a bit)  the camera lands on a log ad the sound cuts.


Hannah is dragged away but we cant see by who or what.  you see her fight a bit. something  swoops past the camera and you see lights coming towards it. the screen blackens again.

Act 5


claire walker as Hannah



coombe Grange


the camera switches on again and it shows a scared and paranoid hannah screaming at the camera with no sound. She knocks the camera and the sound returns. She tries to run again and aims for a patch of light she sees. her phone starts ringing .


Hannah stops where she is stood and she spins around. she answers the phone and she says theres something coming after her. she drops the camera and phone  to the floor and you see her crawling away. all you hear are her screams and then the camera blackens again.


as  light approaches you see several girls gradually coming towards hannah. they scream when the realize its her and one of them calls the police. One picks up the camera and say looking into it ” thats the end of her story”.






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