Deception Planning Production: Actors

Sheevani ( The Scary Women – Name not identifed in the Trailer

Krupa ( Elena Lorenzo ) – Main Character

Elena Lorenzo is main character in film. she is portrayed as a young girl, who has just recently arrived from another country. As moving from another country she has a probelm she dont have enough money to able to pay for her uni fess. Therefore, she got herself a job as a babysitter. However the house she is going to babysit has a haunted story behind it. Will she able to get her way out of the house ? Will the stanger able to deceit her ? Thought out the trailer, i have presented her as a vulnerable girl.

(Leah & Sya)

These two young girls are the children that Elena Lorenzo has to babysit at home. The two girls are represented as vulnerable and innocent.

( Lida Tomson) – Lisa Pat

Lisa Pat, is the stranger who keeps calling the houseline.

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