It’s good to keep a track of all my work for this project, it helps me stay on top of my work, and keep a check of what I’ve done, and what left I’ve got to finish.

Week one: completion of poster analysis and conducting a design brief.

Week two: conducting poster, trailer and website questionnaires.

Week three: conducting 3 website analysis, two focus groups on websites and posters

Week four: conducting some polls on trailers and websites, taking in my 3 questionnaires and analysing the results using graphs. Completing 2 flat plans for both website and poster. Conducting forum research for my trailer.

week five: film treatment, location research, storyboard, shot list, and script.

september 24th to october 12th – completion of my first drafts of my poster and website.

november 22nd – completion of my first trailer draft trailer

december 3rd – completion of my final trailer

december 10th – final website and poster

december 13th – final evaluation upload

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