The first shot on this storyboard is the shot that tells the audience that my film trailer can be viewed by ‘all audiences’. Of all of the trailers I analysed this was at the very start and therefore I have decided to include this before my trailer starts.

The institutions will go between shot 4 and 5, before act 2 begins as this is what happened in the film trailers that I analysed. I feel this will be effective as the audience will get an idea of the storyline and the characters at the introduction of the film trailer. I have decided to use 20th Century Fox and Regency as these are the two that are in the films I used for my textual analysis.

Now I have decided on the title of my film, i have designed the way it will be on my trailer. I have decided that I would like the letters to come in one by one to keep the audience wanting more and will be red to connote blood. The effect I will use will be blood dripping off each letter as shown in my storyboard. The title will be shown at the very end of my film trailer.

Although I stuck to my storyboard as best I could, there were parts that I didn’t feel were effective with my genre of film. I therefore changed parts of the trailer to ensure that they conveyed the horror genre, and that it attracted my target audience. At the start of the trailer, I planned to create the equilibrium with the girls getting ready to go out, although these long shots weren’t conventional for a horror trailer and therefore I chose to change this. I cut these shots down and only included them singing, and instead used captions like ‘friends since childhood’, to build the story up. I also changed the ending of my film, as I found from my research that the end of a horror trailer should contain quick shots. When the villain is dragging the girl through the park, I cut this down completely and only used a second of this footage, and decided to film more instead. This quickens the pace of the end of my trailer, and therefore creates a sense of tension and mystery, which I believe is more effective. As I used many other shots, I decided to not include the quick shots of the faces flashing throughout.

Another part of my storyboard which I changed when making my film trailer was the ending, where the title of the film is shown. As I planned to have each letter coming in one by one, in a blood font, I tried this and found that it didn’t work well with the rest of my trailer. It made the ending to long and I didn’t like the font I had chosen. I therefore chose a font which has a distorted effect, and had the title of the film come in at once, with a bang sound effect.


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