Shot list

When planning the filming of my trailer, i had to make a shot list so that my trailer was easier to film, this helped to follow my story board and know what shots to take when filming.

Shot 1 – midshot – 3 campers decideing what they want to do for the weekend
Shot 2 – midshot of 3 campers in the tent at night
Shot 3 – mid close up of 1 of the campers reading the scary story
Shot 4 – midshot – of scary girl walking holding a knife
Shot 5 – longshot – scary girl hiding at the side of the tent
Shot 6 – midshot – campers getting out the tent to look to see what was outside
Shot 7 – midshot – campers searching through bushes
Shot 8 – longshot – camper getting dragged away by scary girl
Shot 9 – close up – scary girl
Shot 10 – camper being dragged away, mid close up on feet
Shot 11 – midshot – last camper alive crying
Shot 12 – scary girl – midshot
Shot 13 – billing block
shot 14 – title

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