Script Draft

Script First Draft

This is the first draft of my script.

Act Two

Jane (Mother)- Hi Jess, thanks for coming at short notice.

Jane- (shouting upstairs) Jim, are you ready?!

Tim- Make yourself at home.

(Jane and Tim shut the front door and leave)

Act Three

Jess- (on the phone to Molly) Hey Molly its me, the parents actually seem really nice! (Banging noise from outside) I just heard something. Theres something out there. (hangs up)

Act Four

Jess and Bella Scream.

Jess- (on the phone to her dad shouting) Dad, help me please, someone is here.. (sreams as hand goes over her mouth)

The script is very short as I didn’t want very much talking within my trailer, otherwise it would drag on for too long and go over the 1 minute time allowance.

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