Girl 2: HURRYY!

Girl 1: Bye mum.

Mum: Bye girls, be safe!

(they drive off)


Girl 1: (driving) WOO, (sings along to a song on the radio).

Girl 2: (joins in on singing).

Girl 2: WATCH OUT! Theres something on the road! (Girl 1 pushes emergency breaks).

Girl 2: Get out the car! What is it!?!?

Girl 2: It’s a little girl, OMG what do we do!?

Girl 1: We need to get rid of her, or were BOTH going down for murder.

Girl 1 and Girl 2: (They look at the bushes).

Girl one: In there, help me lift her up (They throw her into the bushes).

Girl 1 and Girl 2: Lets get out of here. Now.

(They drive off and then get to the camp site)

Girl 1: Lets go to sleep, will discuss this tomorrow(stressed), I can’t think straight right now.


Girl 1: Wake up, my head is killing me!

Girl 2: What happened last night!?

Girl 1: I am so hung over I don’t even remember, at least we made it here… RESULT! (They all laugh)

(They mess around throwing things on the camp site, laughing etc.)

Girl 1: Did you see something? (Other girl look around and see nothing)

(The camera focuses on Girl 1)

Girl 1: where has she gone!? (They look around vigorously)

(Girl 2 is dragged away screaming)

(Girl 1 hears her scream and starts to run)

Girl 1: GIRL 2? GIRL 2!?!?

(Girl 1 starts running, and falls into a muddy dug whole)

Girl 1: HELP, GET ME OUT, SOMEBODY HELP! (she looks up and sees a little girl filling the whole, realising its her grave.

Girl 1: *SCREAM*

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