Diary Schedule

(Throughout my planning, I have continued to record my progress so I know when my work was started, completed and then posted, and this is shown in my diary schedule.)


It is important that I manage my time efficiently in order to complete all of my planning. I believe I have accomplished this well and that I have kept to my deadlines. As well as time management, a diary is also important to know when my work was started, completed and posted in order to inform me of dates which I may need to remember. It may also inform other people of how long each of my tasks took and how I may have multi-tasked with two pieces of work at the same time. My diary schedule is shown below and clearly explains about all of my tasks and the dates involved.

(Before I began my research it was essential for me to set up and understand my given brief and to also think about ways in which I should tackle this.)


Started – 24/07/10

Completed – 25/07/10

Final Post – 31/08/10

(Next, I can start my first part of research which is an introduction into genre. I must choose a suitable genre before I begin any of my planning.)

(My first piece of research is about genre. Genre is one of the most important factors when working in filming so it is necessary for me to decide on the best option, taking different things issues into consideration.)

Genre Research

Started – 26/07/10

Completed – 28/07/10

Final Post – 06/09/10

(Now I have decided on the genre of a Romantic Comedy, I can begin to carry out a variety of different research to learn more about the conventions and narrative codes of this genre. I can also begin to analyse existing promotion packages to gain more knowledge and ideas. However, now I know what genre of film I plan to work in, I can start to develop my film treatment and begin to think about a plot for my film.)

(I have planned to make a romantic comedy film trailer and even though a trailer uses many small clips from a film, it is still necessary for me to think of a plot which is why I have developed my film treatment. It allows me to think of a conventional storyline for this particular genre.)

Film Treatment

Started – 28/07/10

Completed – 29/07/10

Final Post – 06/09/10

(Now I have a rough idea of a storyline for my film and I have started to develop my characters, I can begin to think of ideas and aspects which must be taken into consideration when creating a film trailer.)

(Next it was important to think about some important features which should be taken into consideration before I begin to carry out my research.)

Initial Ideas

Started – 31/07/10

Completed – 31/07/10

Final Post – 06/09/10

(Now I have summarised a variety of different features, I have a rough idea of things I should look out for and some aspects which I could research and analyse further. This will be especially useful in my textual analysis which will be my first piece of research.)

(The first part of my research will involve a textual analysis which looks at existing promotional packages of my choice to help me understand what film advertisements of my chosen genre are like.)

Textual Analysis

Started – 31/07/10

Completed – 30/08/10

Final Post – 06/09/10

(Now I have a better understanding of conventions and other important aspects I should take into consideration when creating my final products, I can carry out other forms of research. I will now go on to create and distribute a questionnaire which will help me gain an insight into who my target audience is and what they look for in promotional packages.)

(My second piece of primary research will involve a questionnaire. This will differ from my textual analysis as it will give me an insight into my target audience and their own personal preferences rather than analysing existing products.)


Started – 08/08/10

Completed – 01/09/10

Final Post – 06/09/10

(My questionnaire has enabled me to find out a lot of information on who my target audience is and what they look for in film advertisements. I can now create a film trailer, poster and website which will be appealing to a broad audience. Next I will carry out further audience research in the form of a focus group.)

(My next piece of audience research consists of a focus group which will allow a more direct approach towards my target audience and will allow opinions to be expanded.)

Focus Group

Started – 21/08/10

Completed – 26/08/10

Final Post – 06/09/10

(After carrying out my focus group I now have a further, more in depth, idea about the production of my promotional package. My final piece of audience research will consist of a forum and an online poll.)

(My final piece of primary research will consist of an online poll, of which I focus my questions on asking about posters and websites advertising a romantic comedy film. An online poll differs from the previous research as is used technology as a form of questioning a potential target audience.)

Online Poll

Started – 09/09/10

Completed – 09/09/10

Final Post – 12/09/10

(I now have a clear insight of views and opinions on behalf of my target audience and can therefore use this to my advantage to create a successful product. My research is now completed and I can begin to consider things such as the filming location for my trailer.)

(I have now finished my primary research and can begin to work directly with my promotional package. Before I begin my production; however, I need to consider certain features, one of them including the location for my teaser trailer to be filmed.)

Location Research

Started – 10/09/10

Completed – 10/09/10

Final Post – 10/09/10

(I now have a very clear idea of my filming location, as well as the plot of my film and the characters that will feature in my trailer. It was now important for me to carry out further research on other important features in my trailer, such as props and the mise-en-scene.)

(The next step in my planning was to carry out further research regarding my teaser trailer, and this specifically looked at the important features of props and the mise-en-scene. These are both very important and research must be carried out in order to present these features correctly.)

Mise-En-Scene & Props Research

Started – 10/09/10

Completed – 11/09/10

Final Post – 11/09/10

(After thinking about what key aspects should be included in my mise-en-scene and also the types of props I could use, it was then important to think about this further by including my chosen props in my storyboard. My storyboard is then the next step towards the production of my trailer.)

(The plot for my film is clearly presented in my ‘Film Treatment’; however, it was now important to put this into use in order to create an appropriate film trailer. It is most effective to illustrate the trailer through the use of a storyboard as it presents visual images as well as written instructions.)


Started – 11/09/10

Completed – 12/09/10

Final Post – 13/09/10

(Now I have finished my storyboard and know the exact plan of my trailer, I can list all of the shots I plan to use. This will be a lot easier to use whilst filming as it is in far less detailed, but shows all of the information needed to correctly film my trailer.)

(As I mentioned before, I have now finished my storyboard; however, to make filming easier, I have decided to create a shot list.)

Shot List

Started – 12/09/10

Completed – 12/09/10

Final Post – 13/09/10

(I now have a very clear idea about the shots that I plan to use and also what order I will carry them out in. However, despite the shot list focusing predominately on the actions of the characters and the other features involved in the frame, sound is also important. Therefore, my next step is to devise a script for my characters to follow.)

(My next step was to focus, not only on sound in general, but the speech from my characters. With any play, performance or film, it is essential to devise a script so the characters have a clear idea of what they are going to say at the correct time.)


Started – 12/09/10

Completed – 13/09/10

Final Post – 13/09/10

(Finally, I have now finished deciding on what will happen in my trailer, what actions will take place and which shots will be used to show this.  This is as well as what will be said throughout my trailer. I have finished focusing on my trailer at this stage and can now move on to think of possible layouts for my website and poster.)

(My next step was to focus predominately on my romantic comedy film poster and website. Taking my research from my textual analysis, questionnaire, etc, I have decided to create several flat plans to show different possible layouts.)

Flat Plans

Started – 13/09/10

Completed – 13/09/10

Final Post – 13/09/10

(Now, I have finished most of my planning and research which is essential before I begin to produce my promotional package. I can now go on to summarise what I did and what resources I used.)

(My diary clearly illustrates my time management and also briefly summarises how I accomplished each task. This concludes the end of my pre-production planning. Now I have all the information needed to go ahead and begin to think about the making of my trailer, poster and website.)

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