Textual Analysis Of Trailers

The next step within my promotion package research is to carry out textual analysis of specific film teaser trailers relevant to my film genre. By analyzing specific film trailers, it enables me to gain a better understanding of clear, common conventions as well as the specific elements consisted within the film trailer. Therefore, the various conventions can also be adapted to include within my very own production film trailer. Moreover, the audience can also relate to the film trailer, as they are already aware of some of the features present on the marketing product. I have carried out textual analysis for films such as: The Missing, The Blair Witch Project and Friday the 13th. These are shown in the links below.

The Blair Witch Project

The Missing

Friday the 13th


Analysis of Textual Analysis of Film Trailers

Now that three complete textual analyses have been carried out, the application of common conventions is evident. The three trailers analysed were ‘The Blair witch project’, ‘The Missing’ and ‘Friday the 13th’. These specific trailers demonstrated the conventions consisted within this type of genre. The importance of these conventions conveyed allow the audience to relate with features , which they recognize and find similar, in order to distinguish the marketing product as a horror film trailer. Through a comparison of the three different trailers: ‘The Missing’, ‘The Blair Witch Project’ and ‘Friday the 13th’, it has also been acknowledged the many similarities and differences which each trailer conveys depending on the type of genre and style which the film embraces. It had been exceptionally interesting how each film trailer may contradict some conventions, as well as include specific conventions within a poster in order to create a personal style. The use of this personal style may also successfully engage the target audience.  The relevancy of a film trailer is an engaging marketing strategy, as film trailer can be located on a variety of TV channels, which specifically engages the specific target audience. Therefore, the film trailer allows the marketing product to become more available for the audience, which the film is targeting. The film trailer which I have analysed all pursue the same purpose, consuming similar conventions in order to portray the horror genre, of which they all embrace. Some of the common conventions which I accredited were:

  • Inclusion of film institution logos, most likely one or two companies.
  • Low key Lighting
  • Fast pace editing towards the end of the sequence, using specifically straight cuts, to create tension and suspense.
  • Non diegetic sounds which increase as the sequence of shots does.
  • Representation of victims portrayed within the narrative stage known as ‘struggle’ suggested by theorist Vladimir Propp.
  • It is essential for the narrative stages known as ‘Return and Recognition’ also suggested by Propp, to not be included within the trailer as the storyline will be given away. The use of this create enigma and adds tension, supporting the horror genre.
  • The inclusion of credits such as tag lines, endorsements and the use of famous/successful actors/actresses or directors/producers involved with the film, used to create hype for the current film and heighten expectations, as well as used to persuade the target audience.
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