Shot One: Long Shot//Girl waving bye to her mother while getting into her car which her friends are already in and reversing. (3 seconds).


Shot Two: Long shot//Car driving down the road. (2 seconds).

Shot Three: Shot in a car – Mid-close up//Girls drinking, driving and laughing. (5 seconds).

Shot Four: Mid-close up//Small girl playing on the street. (2 seconds).

Shot Five: Close up//Girl driving presses breaks hard and hears a thump. (2 seconds).

Shot Six: Mid-close up//Girls screaming and throwing the little girl in some bushes. (4 seconds).


Shot Seven: Mid-close up//They get to the camp site and awake, not remembering anything that happened. (3 seconds).

Shot Eight: Long shot//Girls have fun fooling around with sticks and mud etc. (3 Seconds).

Shot Nine: Long shot//Small girl in the distance. (2 seconds).

Shot Ten: Close-up//Girl sees something and screams. (2 seconds).

Shot Eleven: Mid-close up//Girls look for one missing girl. ( 2 seconds).

Shot Twelve: Close-up//Girl is seeing screaming and clawing through mud being dragged away. (3 seconds).

Shot Thirteen: Extreme long shot//Forest, and a scream coming from it. (2 seconds).

Shot Fourteen: Close-up//Girl called second girls name. (1 second).

Shot Sixteen: Extreme close up//She starts to relize she is in danger and runs away. (3 seconds).

Shot Seventeen: Mid-shot//She falls into a dug whole, trying to escape, looks around and realizes its her grave. (4 seconds).

Shot Eighteen: Mid-shot//She looks up and sees the little girl shovelling dirt into the whole and screams. (3 seconds).

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