Location, Props and Actor/Actress Research


Location is one of the most important features of a film, and play a part within the mise-en-scene. The choice of film location is an important decision, as it is essential the genre of the film and the location choice, both create and support the atmosphere needed. Taking into account, the film I intend to produce is a horror, and therefore a gloomy location is essential in order to create the correct, tense environment. Indubitably, there are many positive and negative considerations which need to be taken into account when filming in the location, especially if the location is a public access area.  Considerations such as:

  • Is there a specific time filming needs to take place?
  • Shots may have to be re-filmed due to obstructions.

Therefore, having explored my options and absorbing opinions established through audience research the images shown below portray the variety of locations in which the setting of my film may take place.


The use of props are another important feature consisted within a film. The purpose of props allow the mise-en-scene and the overall shot look much more realistic, and not just acted out! Therefore within the trailer I intend to include the use of many props such as a newspaper articles, fake blood, an ouija board and a ‘For Sale’ sign. The props are significant props which enable meaning and feelings to be created. Moreover the theorist Barthes’ had suggested five narrative code, one of which is known as the SYM code, also known as the SYMBOL code. The symbol code is a code of broad themes and motifs. The identification of patterns of symbolic meanings also run through the film. For example, a close up of a lighter shows the audience the importance and reminds them of this significant object when they next see the same object. Therefore supporting Barthes’ the use of these specific props create a significant purpose and allows them to identify the use of the prop easily.  The images of the prop are shown below.

Actors And Actresses

Without actresses or actors, and film may not make much sense. The use of actors and actresses allow the audience to easily establish what is happening, and produces a realistic image. Therefore, within my film I have planned to included one male actor and four female actresses as my main characters. There are many positive and negative factors when working with other actors and actresses. To avoid any misunderstandings, all characters will be presented with a script. Moreover, the theorist Barthes’ also included within his five narrative codes relevant to the characters he suggested the SEM code. This is a code of character construction ( the representation of the characters) characters are built up through iconography, gesture, speech and usually establish their narrative roles. Therefore, we have clearly established that the use of actors and actresses help the audience gain a better understanding of the narrative structure as well as the characters themselves. Below are images of the specific characters and the roles in which they are pursuing.

Helena Surti

Ketul Desai

Dina Chauhan

Chivani Tailor

Vemal Chauhan

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