Focus Group Interview and Analysis

Now that I have completed all textual analysis, and gained a good knowledge and understanding of the specific conventions contained within a film teaser trailer, a film poster and a film website, it is now essential to focus on the audience which I am targeting. Which strategies and conventions are best to include within the promotion package. As we are aware this can be carried out through audience research. The demographics of the promotion package are one of the main important aspects, as the targeted audience are the people who determine the success of the marketing products. Therefore, in order to explore the ideas that the target demographics find appealing I will carry out an interview between four individuals. Although an interview is a time-consuming method, it is also an excellent method to gain and gather extra information, as the participants are able to express their thoughts and ideas in much more detail.

When carrying out my interview, the participants who I will be interviewing will only consist of four participants, two male and two female. These specific numbers of male and female participants have been chosen, because it is essential to produce a generalized view, this cannot be shown through the thoughts of one male and female each. Moreover, two males and females have also been chosen as we have establish through the textual analysis that specific marketing products tend to target both types of gender. As I intend to target my film at a mass audience, mostly young adults both male and female, therefore it is essential to collect these vital ideas so that a successful product can be produced. To construct a high standard of understanding, I will show the interviewees the three teaser trailers, film posters and websites, which I had previously analysed, these are: Friday the 13th, The Missing/The Devil and The Blair Witch Project. The interview, which I have carried out, is shown below.

1). From the following three teaser trailers, which are shown, which do you find the most appealing? Would you feel enthusiastic to see any of these films within the cinema?

Male 1: ‘I find that The Blair Witch Project, was a really unique film trailer. I would definitely go to see this film in the cinemas. In fact I did when it first came out.’

Male 2: ‘I really like the Friday the 13th trailer. The way that the trailer began like a story told by the women really caught my eye. I would consider going to see this film, yes.’

Female 1: ‘I found The Blair Witch Project trailer interesting, it didn’t follow the normal structure of trailer, it came across as much more creative in the way it had been produced.’

Female 2: ‘I found The Blair Witch Project the most appealing, it was straight to the point, not giving away too much, I would have definitely have gone to see this film in the cinemas if I saw this trailer.’

2). What do you find is the most attractive feature of the your chosen teaser trailer, from the three options given?

Male 1: ‘It was clear to say that within the Blair Witch Project, I was extremely interested when all that the audience could see was a black screen, and only hear a fearful female voice.’

Male 2: ‘There was a point within Friday the 13th where the sound was building up, it sounded extremely creepy. We came to a shot where we visualised this lamp swinging, and instantly a man in a metal mask was shown. This definitely made me jump!’

Female 1: ‘I thoughroughly enjoyed the whole effect of the female speaking, quite anxiously and fearfully. The fact that we were unable to anything on the screen other than a black screen, was an engaging effect of The Blair Witch Project trailer.’

Female 2: ‘The heavy breathing was a consistent feature within the trailer. I found this quite effect as it made the trailer more dramatic and realistic.’

3). Do you find that there were any specific conventions which had clearly portrayed information about the film within the trailer?

Male 1: ‘It was evident what type of genre the film was.’

Male 2: ‘The film production names were clearly established, as well as the genre of the film.’

Female 1: ‘The sound effects enabled the genre of the film to be distinguished easily. ’

Female 2: ‘It was clear and understanding of all the production companies names. This is an important feature, as the audience as able to relate with the production companies previous films.’

4). From the variety of film posters shown, what aspect attracts and interests you?

Male 1: ‘I found the typography used within the Friday the 13th film poster, was well presented  through the colour red. The large title was one of the feature which caught my eye and attracted me to the poster.’

Male 2: ‘The lighting effects used within the Friday the 13th trailer was an effective strategy. The majority of the poster was dark and mysterious. The use of the small blend of lighting enable the audience to clearly establish the background. It was effective as it made the poster look more sinister and mysterious.’

Female 1: ‘The symbol presented on the Blair Witch Project was small but acknowledge. I particularly liked this feature as the symbol created a specific meaning.’

Female 2: ‘The overall layout of The Missing poster was well presented. Allowing the main features such as the title and the large image introducing the character to be easily acknowledged.’

5). Which feature of the film poster persuades you to see the film?

Male 1: ‘A part from the interesting images and creative typography distinguished on all posters, I find the story tagline on the Friday the 13th poster an interesting and eye-catching feature. When it says ‘Welcome to Crystal Lake. Although its little, it makes the film seem more diverse and therefore persuades me to see the film.’

Male 2: ‘I find when the film poster include important names, for example on the Friday the 13th poster included was ‘From the producers of Texas Chainsaw Massacre’. Features similar to this are more likely to persuade me to see a film in cinemas.’

Female 1: ‘The description included on The Blair Witch project poster was an interesting feature, as it briefly explained what the storyline was about, however, we are left waiting in anticipation to find out what happens next. This feature definitely would have persuaded me to see this film in cinemas.’

Female 2: ‘The image included on The Missing film poster was an eye-catching feature. Visual images which show as much emotion as The Missing poster included grab my attention, and would have easily persuaded me to see this film in cinemas.’

6). From the variety of film websites shown, what aspect attracts and interests you? Are there any special iconic features which engages you?

Male 1: ‘I like the fact that we are able to click on differently links which locates you to different part of the site, it includes a variety of information. I was quite intrigued by the introduction video on the Blair Witch Project website, where it showed a short clip before leading you to the homepage.’

Male 2: ‘The use of colours and images really make the website interesting. Also the use of colour combination have also been well presented. The use of these features make the website presentable, and more interesting to look at. The use of graphics on the Friday the 13th page, caught my eye.’

Female 1: ‘I found that the Blair Witch Project had an engaging website. The use of the video clip before leading the audience to the homepage was interesting. The feature I liked the most however, was the use of sounds when the writing individually loaded onto the website. The sounds allowed myself to feel quite anxious.’

Female 2: ‘Specific features which had attracted me to the ‘Devil’ website was the trailer. As soon as we entered the site the trailer began to instantly play. Immediately this was entertaining.’

End Of Interview.

Now that I have successfully carried out my interview, the information which I have collected will be acknowledged as I produce my very own promotion package. It is important to acknowledge that a range of qualitative data has been collected. The disadvantages when collecting this type of data is that one structured correct answer had not been produced. However, the advantages with collecting this type of data allows more detail, thoughts and opinions of the participants to be easily expressed. Not only will I follow key common conventions, however, the inclusion of my target audiences thoughts and opinions will also be established from what the majority had expressed within the interview, in able to produce a satisfactory and successful teaser trailer, film poster and film website.

Analysis Of Focus Group Interview

As we have established within the interview, there had were a variety of opinions expressed about specific products relevant to films such as : ‘The Blair witch project’, ‘Friday the 13th’, ‘The missing’ and ‘The Devil’. Through the production of qualitative data, specific features which particularly caught the audience’s attention had been:

The Trailer

  • ‘The Blair Witch’ trailer’s unique structure
  • The narrative style consisted within ‘Friday the 13th’
  • The use of dialogue conveyed through a black screen within ‘The Blair Witch’
  • The swinging lamp in ‘Friday the 13th’


  • Graphic features such as the the typeface applied in ‘Friday the 13th’
  • The use of lighting to portray the main image in ‘Friday the 13th’
  • The logo consisted on ‘The Blair Witch’ poster
  • The image which displays the narrative clearly within ‘The missing’ poster
  • Tag lines such as ‘Welcome to Crystal Lake’ and ‘From the director of the chainsaw massacre’ on the ‘Friday the 13th’ poster
  • The clear established genre and film companies.


  • Introduction Video
  • Inclusion of trailer
  • Graphics and transactions within the various film home pages.

Through the list portrayed above, it is clear which specific features attract the audience to the product. In a similar way, using the features conveyed within the trailer, such as the black screen and use of dramatic dialogue within ‘The Blair witch project’, or the swinging lamp in ‘Friday the 13th’  are particular features which interests me. Therefore within the planning and production of my film trailer similar features will be considered to be applied within my trailer in order to produce a successful trailer. On the other hand interesting features which were expressed presented on the film poster such as the graphic typography, use of lighting effect as well as the use of tag lines, were particularly conventional and successful strategies incorporated within the poster. Therefore, the consideration of developing these features within my own produce film poster is an important consideration, as these features precisely engage the audience through the overall look as well as the factual information. Lastly, through the focus group interview, particular features such as the introduction video, the graphics and the inclusion of the trailer were features admired by the demographic group. The use of an enter page, consistent graphical features as well as the inclusion of the film trailer are features which are considered within the production stages of my website. The purpose of the focus group interview as we have established, presents specific features of which engage and attract the audience. This beneficial information can then be developed into my own production package.

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