Books and Internet Reasearch

As part of planning, not only is it essential to gather primary information, however, the use of secondary research is also important. The use of secondary research not only allows myself to gain a better knowledge of how to approach the production of my promotion package, but it also allows the opportunity for others, who are familiar with this topic to share their knowledge, expressing the necessities of promotion package. The majority of the secondary information found had been about producing a movie trailer. It was very difficult to explore research based on film posters and websites, however, from the various textual analysis carried out, I feel that the conventions established within a film poster and website are very straight forward. The research I came across, which has made an impact on the way I will approach the production of my film trailer is shown below.

Book Research

The information conveyed above, establishes that there are three important features when filming of which are: the mise en scene ( what is included in the shot frame), how the shot is filmed through the various camera angles, directions etc and how the various amounts of shots are put together through editing, which allows a narrative to be produced. These three features, therefore should be considered when planning each shot, as well as filming.

The clip of information also shown above goes on to further develop the three most important features to consider when filming. The clip explains that cinematography is similar to photography, where the camera captures the mise en scene, of which through the camera and the way the camera has captured the arranged objects, a story is told establishing pragmatic meaning.

The mise en scene is again further developed, and a break down of what is involved within the mise en scene is established. Here setting (location and time), costume and make-up, figue, expression and movement as well as lighting are all key elements of the mise en scene, which also need a lot of consideration in the planning and filming of my movie trailer in order to grasp the correct effect.

The information established above goes on to develop the importance of choice of setting. From this information I am able to understand that every choice of mis en scene needs to have a lot of thought and planning, even if its a shot of an ordinary day. This type of planning is essential as the mood, narrative, genre, and characters all need to be portrayed in the correct way in order for the audience to engage into the shot and grasp the correct messages.

It is obvious that a narrative especially within a film trailer are put together through a process of editing. Within editing, it is essential to understand the possible types of transitions and effects there are in order to portray these visual shot in a synchronised order which establishes a narrative. The information shown above, establishes the many types of editing styles of which there are. This information is useful to consider within the planning, as it saves time when editing so the production of the film trailer can be carried out quicker.

The above information portrays the number of different focus point involved when editing. It is important to consider and understand the role of each focus point in order to plan ahead, in order to incorporate specific focus points when producing and editing the film trailer. The use of planning ahead allows time to used efficiently, allowing extra time for any other issues or production plans.

The clip of information shown above, stresses the use of the various camera angles and the effects of which different types of camera angles portrays the character in, as well as to the audience. Here we establish the use of a low angle shot of a character put them in a lower position of status, making them look more vulnerable. The use of this shot is definitely important to consider including within my horror film trailer, as the victims of my trailer can be established through this specific type of camera angle.

Not only is the camera angle an important feature of portraying images and pragmatic meanings across to the audience, however, so it the use of camera distance. The correct distance to portray certain important messages can also be done through a cameras distance, as we have established within the secondary research above. A close up of a character screaming for help, can portray great emotions, and allow the audience to feel what the character is embracing. This is also another important consideration to include within my film trailer, as a film teaser trailer should be short and effective. The use of both camera angles and distances can convey this.

Internet Research

The clip shown above has been taken of the website: As we are able to see the information provided, includes advice considering the specific and most effective shots to include in the trailer, as well as the ‘story’ and the most effective way to engage your target demographics through this specific marketing strategy. More importantly, the use of emotion is a successful feature to incorporate within the trailer to also attract the attention of the audience. The information provided consists of effective advice of which i will also consider within the planning and production of my trailer.

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