The Descent- Website analysis (draft)

Follow the link to the website:

The main image is the same of the one on the poster, however the darker edges are different and have more clearer sillohettes of cave like humans as shown in the bottom left hand corner. This suggests the killers/antagonists are the people/things in the cave.

The glowing edges resemble a flickering light as effects have been used to create a lit candle or dwindling light, the light source also appears to be very weak, the light could represent hope in the film,  this connotes the characters should be helpless and the odds of them surviving are very slim.

the menu located  on the right hand side is written a serifed font, the colour is a faded version of the Title of the film, again the links are flickering, reflecting the quality of light in the film and the fading hope. The menu icons are hyperlinked to another page, specifically for the icon e.g Gallery page will contain videos & pictures e.c.t

The website gives a negative representation of the characters as, like the poster they are positioned in the shape of a skull, and the glowing edge surrounding them shows faces in; pain, terror, & shock. this suggests the characters will be experiencing all of these emotions.

The tagline “Scream Your last Breath”, also found on the poster, could be refering to the top character in the skull, suggesting she is screaming her “last breath” this could create the enigma of whether she lives or dies.

there is a 2nd image of the DVD fontcover.  an icon  beneath it enables you to purchase the DVD.

the representation of the women in the skull is negative as they are in awkward, twisted positions and appear to be weak.

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