My locations, Actors/Characters, & Props

settings: 4

– Street in the Daytime: The students arewalking home fromcollege to begin filming

-A modern house in a small village in the afternoon: The students start filming in the living room  and a cupboard.

– A field early dusk: Used for the ‘in film’ horror film murder scenes, this is when the film starts to become reality

– The back of a derelict church of an old manor house- spooky setting at night hense ruins and low branched trees, a perfect setting for a horror film

this is the derelict church at located at the back of an old manor house, the setting is very rural and isolated, in reality there are smallbuildings to the left however they will not appear in the film.

Actors & Characters:

Dev Mistry-

Dev plays ‘Dev” in my film however he plays the murderer ‘Lenny’ in the students film,

Raska Radulovic-

Raska plays ‘ Raska’ in my film and is the behind the camera of the Students film so we see a lot of the film from her point of view

Jade Warren-

Jade plays ‘Jade’ in my film but she plays ‘Josie’ or “Jo” in the students film. Jade is the blonde character in my film and is the first to die. Sparking

Ellie Mitchell-

Ellie plays  ‘Scarlette’ in my film  her name is the same in the students film. In the Students film she is the victim of a stalker (dev) ‘Lenny’ . ‘Scarlette’ is the group leader.                                  

Myself- a photo of me will be used to show the Killer in my film ‘Sammi’. However I will not be Acting in the Trailer and only the photo will be seen.

Costume & Makeup:

All characters will be wearing casual clothes, however the victims will end up with ripped muddy clothes with blood.  Dev will mainly be wearing black to connote his evil character


–       knives- used for the murders

–       Fake blood

–       Mud

–       In film camera

–       Shovel- used to wack someone round the head

–       A photo of  ‘Sammi’

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