The Ring, like The shining has a simple layout. The Ring is a horror film which is of a supernatural genre. It does not have many features besides a billing block, institutional information, an image, a title a caption, release date or even a certificate retriction. It has quite a few things missing but is still full when looking at it. The layout is convenient as it is easy to allocate everything, everything is clear but not too busy. The hint of emptiness adds to the mysterious element within the story. But it comes across very eary and creepy getting across the message that it is a horror very effectively.

The Ring also does something which is very smart, at the top it says ‘before you die, you see…’ then when looking below we see The Ring. It cleverly tells the story through its layout. This is very interesting, and when a viewer sees it they are excited by the attachment of the main image/title and the caption.

There is no picture of an actual person/ghost which is different but still conventional. It uses a picture of ‘The Ring’ which is what the film is centered around. This is therefore a very conventional poster because the title is related to the picture on it. The Ring is the main part of the whole film therefore it makes sense to make this the center image. It is also in black and white which goes well with the actual film as in the story when The Ring is seen you are about to die, The Ring is normally displayed on a television and it goes fuzzy, turning black and white and static. Therefore clearly showing what the image is linked to in the film. Making the link of ancillary text and actual product extremely well fit in. It is also in the middle, this is a conventional elements, and I believe it is the best visually.

The title is displayed inside of the picture, this goes against the convention of the title being around it, it does not stand out against the image. However, it fits in well. The main parts of the poster you want your audience to remember is the image and the title, incorporating them both together means that they are more memorable than on their own trying to be the only two to stand out. It also marks a sort of mark for the film, making The Ring its center symbol and showing that this is its very own symbol and unique print and making it its logo. This can be made into a universal logo and the film could get huge recognition as it as its master label linked to this film, therefore making it a classic.

In this poster a billing block is conventional, it is written in dark grey, and in a steel tongs font, this is the conventional font for a billing block. And the color is also the conventional color for a billing block. This information is essential for knowing who had what part in the film and also other institutional media information. However, most people will not read this but nevertheless, the information is there if needed, this is why it is in the size and color it is, representing its significance on the poster. It is also at the bottom of the page, which is also a well-known convention. Under it is institutional media logos to show that actual companies have been used to construct this film and is not amateurish. Also, well-known and recognizable logos draw audiences in as they feel comfortable seeing a film that has been produced by them before, and if enjoying their experiences, making them come again. The website address is also written on it as people who have viewed the posted and are thinking about going to see it or not can go onto the website where there is plenty more information and make that decision, or just going to check out if this film would suit their personal taste, or the case may be they have already seen the film, and want to rate it or download soundtracks etc. from the film. This is yet again written in grey as it is less significant information but is still there if someone needs to locate it, making it convenient.

Overall, the layout is not extremely simplistic, but it is not too busy either. It has very fine detail and I think out of all three it is the most balanced and effective poster, as the other two are at two extremes, and being at an extreme is not good as it is like stating the obvious. The most versatile and best feature of this poster is that it does not have an image. I think that judging by how strong the poster is without an image its other factors are so strong and developed that it does not need one. Whereas the other two depend on an image.

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