The shining is a horror film, which is of the supernatural sub-genre. The shining poster is not as conventional as the other posters for horror genre film posters. For starters, it is not busty at all. And there are a lot of conventional elements missing. For example, there is no billing block, compared to the two other posters this is unusual. Also there are no release dates, no company production or institution information and no tag-line. This may be because it is a low budget film, but we know this is a popular film, therefore seeing that the reason behind this may be that the producer may have gone for the simplistic approach and kept it minimal or they may have wanted the audience to make themselves to take a deeper insight into the poster and what it entails.

The first thing we see is the image of a male looking psychotic and also looking as if he I trying to break in and scare somebody, as this is what he is doing, we automatically think that we will be scared by his actions therefore getting scared when watching the film, making it a horror. The male in the poster looks like a casual face, which we would see in everyday life, making it scarier as this is related to real life and not too far fetched, therefore linking horrors to real life. Thus making the concept of a horror film more of a real aspect. The man in the picture is a middle age white male, this fits into the convention of a typical villain, this is because they usually are the ones who are more powerful. Also, the picture of him shows he will be one of the main, if not the main characters within this film.

We see a unique selling point saying ‘STANLEY KUBRICK’S’ which tries to show the audience that this is a professional film made by a well-known director, if the person viewing it has not heard of the author they will still be drawn in by this selling point because if an author is worth putting on then they will automatically assume that it is a good film. And for those who are fans of Stanley’s work, they will want to go and see thins film. Equally, it will draw away people who have seen his films before and not enjoyed it.

‘THE SHINING’ is written in bold, even darker than all of the surrounding colors, this is because it is the title which conventionally has to stand out the most. By the title being the most bold, when audiences view it, after the image is the main thing they will look at. This then means when a person is trying to recollect the information of te film they saw on promotion, they will be able to have a lasting memory of the bold title and remember the film name.

The overall theme of the poster is that it is bold, there are no thin and small texts, there is little information and all of which is bold and big. The color scheme of this poster is neutral, as a conventional black white and red color scheme would not fit because there are no artificial ghosts or spirits, the mad man is the actual scary part, thus making him bold and not needing color to make the poster frightening as the picture does this individually. It would also overpower it. Neutral colors also make it more linked to real life, yet again making it more frightening as this is something that could actually happen. The layout of the poster is also simple, with clear and minimalistic surroundings. This adds suspicion as the layout is the opposite of what the man in the poster is representing, which is complex moods and psychotic expressions.

Overall, this poster is minimal, but if another film decided to do this it would be seen as unethical because only this poster could pull off this style and still be interesting as it is not offering ghosts, but offering the frightening context of the human mind.

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