Act One;

Children – singing

Act Two, Shot 5;

Saarah: Does anyone want a drink?

Lauren, Shauna and Alisha: Oh yes please.

Saarah: Wine ok?

Lauren: Yeah.

All girls: Laughing and singing

Shauna: Where are we going first girlies?

Saarah: RBAR!

Lauren: Who knows we’ll see where the mood takes us!

Act two, Shot 6;

Camera person: Are you excited Saarah?

Saarah: Oh yess I haven’t been out in ages!

Camera person: Hahaha me either, hurry up girls!

Act two. Shot 7 and 8;

All girls: Singing ‘Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes’.

Act two, Shot 9;

Lauren: I need something to wear!

Act two, Shot 10;

Lauren: Oooo, I like this! Can I wear this Saarah?

Saarah: Yeah whatever!

Act two, Shot 11;

Lauren: Oh dear what the hell is this!?

Saarah: *laughs*

Act 3, Shot 12;

Saarah, Shauna and Alisha: Hurry up Lauren your always the last!

Lauren: I’m coming hold on!

Shauna: RUN!

Act 3, Shot 13;

All girls: Bye!

Act 3, Shot 15;

Alisha: Where the hell is Lauren?

Shauna: What! She’s gone!

Saarah: She’ll be fine let’s just have a good night!

Act 3, Shot 16;

Shauna: No, I’m scared! I have a really bad feeling! We can’t just go without her.

Saarah: She’ll be fine!

Act 4, Shot 19;

Lauren: *tries to scream*

Saarah: Shut up moaning!

Act 4, Shot 20;

Lauren: *tries to scream*

Saarah: I wish you would just shut your mouth else I’ll make it so much worse for you.

Act 4, Shot 22;

Saarah: Oh I’ve wanted to do this for so long babe.

Act 4, Shot 23;

Saarah: Sings ‘Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes’

Act 4, Shot 24;

Saarah: Sings ‘Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes’

Act 4, Shot 25;

Saarah: Sleeptiiiiight, hahahaha.

Although I followed parts of the script, there were some parts that were missed out or changed. I tried to stick to my plan as much as possible although did find that some of the shots weren’t effective and didn’t connote my genre well enough. I therefore changed my script to create more of a mystery, with less dialogue and more sound effects instead.

At the start of my trailer, I planned to have a conversation of the girls before they go out to build the equilibrium although I found this too long and therefore felt the audience would get bored. I quickened the shots and removed this conversation, to also draw attention to the ‘head shoulders knees and toes’ song. I also changed the part of the girl being dragged through the park, and also the end, where the villain is meant to sing around the girl. This is because the shots were too long and therefore didn’t create a sense of tension towards the end. I kept the shots, although shortened them, and included screams etc to present the narrative clearly.


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