A questionnaire is a list of a research or survey questions asked to respondents, and designed to extract specific information. It serves four basic purposes: to collect the appropriate data, make data comparable and amenable to analysis, minimize bais in formulating and asking question, and to make questions engaging and varied.

Now I have finished the first part of my primary research which was to analyze what goes into some popular promotion packages which are of my specific genre and are already on the market, I will now ask my target demographic what there opinions are on the matter and also get a better understanding of who exactly is part of my target demographic.

questionnaires are cheap to manufacture. They are also easy and not time-consuming to produce. They also give a us a great deal of information. On the other hand, questionnaires have a low response rate, without things like incentives, people do not feel obliged to fill them out, feeling they are pointless and a waste of their time. To stop this from happening I will make my questionnaire short and stay with the participant until they have filled it out.

The first set of questions will be directed to basic information which will help me gather general information about my target demographic. The rest of the questions will be directed to specific parts of elements within my promotion packages which will require the opinions of my target demographic so i am able to use conventional elements in my final product which appeal to them.



1.) How old are you?

2.) Are you male or female?

3.) What sub-genre horror films do you enjoy?

4.) What certificate would you prefer a horror genre film to be?

5.) Which would be the best form of advertisement to make you go out and watch a horror film?


6.) What color theme would you like to view on a horror poster and website?

7.) Do you like the website of a film to be identical to the poster?

8.) Is it more appealing when there is a majority of writing or a majority of pictures on the poster and website?

9.) What information do you think these promotion packages should include?

10.) Would you like an enter page on a website?

11.) Would you like to see the trailer on the website?


12.) What gender would you prefer the main characters to be?

13.) How early in advance would you like the trailer of the film you wish to view be out?

14.) How much of the plot would you like a trailer to give away?

15.) What location would you typically like a horror film to be filmed at?

16.) What is type of sound would you like to hear the most in the film trailer?



film questionnaire results

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