I have decided to do a horror film and have therefore tried to keep my story as conventional as possible.


(Set at home)

Girl goes on camping trip with her other friend, both of which are female. She says goodbye to her mum and dad and secures her things onto her car and then drives off fast into the distance.


(Set on the road, on the way to camp site)

Friends are seen in the car having fun, drinking alcohol and getting quite fanatic and slightly wild while driving etc. They are then very absorbed with goofing around and not concentrating on driving resulting in run over a small girl who was playing jump rope on the street and run over her. They are panic and rush a decision to bury her and drive to the camp site, falling asleep and then forget what happened the following day as they were extremely drunk.


(Set in camp site)

Friends unload and set up their stuff at the camp site and are fooling around, having fun with each other and doing typical things that are done when going on a camping trip (setting up a tent etc.). Girls see something, they question each other asking what it could have been, while one of the girls appear missing and is then dragged away clawing and screaming by the dead little girl who has come back from the dead. The remaining girl realizes she has to escape because she is in real life threatening danger. She runs and tries to escape but then she falls into a dug whole, she looks around and then realises that it’s a whole for her soon to be dead body. Then we see the little girl pulling a shovel walking towards the whole and slowly filling it. As the last girl was the one who actually killed her (the driver), she had gotten the worse death.

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