Textual Analysis – The Unborn Website

the unborn website 1

The website conforms the idea of Barthes’ enigma code because on the website it shows enigma. The picture makes us want to know more about what is happening to the girl shown on the web page. Again it conforms the idea of Todorov’s theory of equilibrium. There is a state of disequilibrium because the girl looks scared and worried. It also conforms the idea of Propp’s theory of folk tales because the girl is a victim and although we can’t see the villain we know there is something bad is happening. Finally it conforms the idea of Strauss’s theory of oppositions good vs. evil, dark vs. light and dirt vs. cleanliness.

The website connotes it’s genre by using dark colours, low key lighting and a victim. The setting of this website shows a girl in distress, she is alone in a room and something is happening to her, it’s also set out so we cannot see what is happening to her because it is covered by the film trailer this leaves the audience in suspense and they wonder what is going to happen to the girl. The website includes the names of the companies that have made the film this includes universal, rogue pictures and paramount.

The age that is being represented is age 15+ because there is a young girl on there. The reason for this is because horror films mainly have a target audience of 15+ but in some horror films the certificate can be an 18. The ethnicity that is being represented is a young white girl.

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