Textual Analysis – The Skeleton Key Website

Skeleton key website

The website conforms to Barthes’ codes of enigma. The audience wonder why she is holding a key and looking at it with a scared expression on her face. It conforms the idea of Todorov’s theory of equilibrium because there is disequilibrium as its showing there is something wrong. It conforms Levi Strauss’s theory of oppositions of dark vs. light and good vs. evil.

The setting of this website is simple with the image in the middle and the text underneath. It looks as though she is in a house in the closet and is trapped trying to find her way out with a key. We can only see one character which is towards the left hand side of the page but through a key hole we can see another character but very vaguely. The style of the website is simple the title of the film is in the middle but on the right hand side there is an image of a girl and it’s a close up of her then there is an image on the bottom right hand side of as key hole showing a figure. The colours used are black, yellow and gold. Gold is an unusual colour to use as we mainly see red, black and white. At the bottom centre of the poster it says “ENTER THE SITE” Mainly on websites when you click on it, it opens up the webpage but in some horror websites you get the option to enter the site first.

The genders that are being represented are male and female, the reason for this is because there is a close up of the girl on the left hand side of the webpage, holding a key, and on the right hand side of the page in the centre there is a key hold with a figure which looks like a man. The girl is the victim and the man is probably villain.

The target audience for this website is aged 15+ the reason for this is because there is a young girl and the marketing campaign decided to make this trailer appeal to this age group because they thought it would be suitable for them to see and view the trailer.

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