Textual Analysis – The Ring Website

the ring website

This website does conform to Barthes’ theory of enigma codes because it shows enigma. It does not conform to Propp’s idea of folk tales because there are no characters on the website. It conforms to Levi Strauss’s theory of oppositions there is dark vs. light, good vs. evil and humanity vs. technology.

There is iconography on this website because it’s shows certain icons from the film that you can click on and it revels the story behind as to why it’s in the film. The setting of this website looks dark with the middle of it containing information about the film. It looks clustered because there are so many things against other things. The style of this website looks unusual to other websites, the reason for this is the way it’s set out, the use of small writing and colours. The lighting is very dark apart from the middle where it’s bright. The colours used are black, white and red those are the typical colour conventions of a horror film.  

The representation of this website is people who like horror films, the genders that are being represented are both male and female. There are no ethnicities being represented because there are no images on this website apart from the different icons used.

The marketing campaign have decided to target this website at an audience aged 15+ the reason for this is because in horror films the age range is ranged from 15-18 depending on how explicit it is to the target audience.

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