Textual Analysis on The Skeleton Key Poster

This poster does conform to Barthes’ theory of codes because it contains enigma as the audience are wondering what she is looking at. It also goes against Tzvetan Todorov’s theory no equilibrium or disequilibrium. This poster does not conform to Vladimir Propp’s theory because there is only one character in the poster. It conforms the idea of Claude Levi Strauss’s theory because there is dark vs. light and dirt vs. cleanliness.

The poster connotes it’s genre by using dark colors against cold colors. In the poster there is no iconography apart from what she wearing. The setting of this poster looks like she is in a room trapped but she has discovered something. The walls are all cracked and it looks like it’s going to fall on her. This is typical of a horror genre convention, by doing the picture like this makes the audience wonder what she is looking at. In horror films there are either a group of characters or there is one person. In this poster there is just one person (a girl) usually in horror films they are the victims in horror genres and killers are always male. The style of this poster is very simple, there is the title of the film on the top left hand side,  underneath that there is a tagline plus a mid shot of a girl she is not looking directly at the camera, on the bottom right hand side it tells you who is starring in the film. The lighting is medium a little bright; the colors used contrasts against the lighting.

The different ages and gender groups that are being represented is a girl who is the victim we can tell she is the victim because she is on her own in the corner with a scared expression on her face, she is in her mid 20s

The poster appeals to a target audience aged 15+; it is mainly targeted at women as there is a woman on the front, it will appeal to men as well and to people that like the horror genre.

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