Mise-en-Scene & Props Research

(The next step in my planning was to carry out further research regarding my teaser trailer, and this specifically looked at the important features of props and the mise-en-scene. These are both very important and research must be carried out in order to present these features correctly.)


Similarly to the location, the mise-en-scene and the props used in a trailer can often present a huge indication towards the genre of film, and as I research earlier, it is clearly important to my target audience that the genre is established early on. From my textual analysis, which I carried out much earlier in my planning, it was clear that the mise-en-scene and the props were thought of carefully and presented in a way, which would be recognisable to the audience. For example, in the ‘Sex & The City 2’ trailer, there was the use of a watch as a prop with a romantic inscription. As well as this presenting a sense of romance in the film, it also informed the audience of the relationship status between the two characters involved which simply stresses how important a single prop can be. Other well-known conventional props often used in romantic comedy films include items such as; presents, flowers, chocolates, etc. Despite these being very stereotypical of romance, they are not always used in films.

Mise-en-Scene Definition

One of the most important key aspects of the mise-en-scene is the decor or props, which can be seen later in much more detail. All of the key aspects briefly mentioned in the mise-en-scene definition, are all very important and must be carefully considered in order to portray certain elements in the film correctly. The lighting is included as one of the key aspects and should be taken into consideration to be presented in a conventional way. From my textual analysis, it was clear that all three trailers appeared to use natural lighting for the majority of the preview, although, it was also conventional to use low-key lighting with the source of candles in locations such as a restaurant. This presents an essence of romance in the film and clearly establishes the genre at an early stage. Taking this into consideration, I will follow these conventions in order to make my film as appealing as possible. Another aspect, which is also important, is the use of costume. Also from my textual analysis, I researched that casual clothing was predominately used throughout two of the three trailers, ‘Sex & The City 2’ being slightly different. Nevertheless, it was clear that casual clothing was conventional for a romantic comedy with more formal clothing being used in more romantic scenes in the trailer. As well as the lighting, I will also be taking this into consideration and use my costume effectively in order to portray certain characters. The use of casual clothing also creates a sense of realism about the situation and the audience can therefore relate to character much easier.

Props Definition

Many props in trailers are simply ordinary objects used to create a sense of realism, which the audience can relate to, and they must therefore look, real and authentic. It is important that I choose my props carefully in order to reflect my romantic comedy genre and they must also be used in an appropriate way to represent certain characters or situations. As I mentioned earlier, there are certain props, which are stereotypically associated with a romantic comedy film; however, it is not essential to use these in order for the genre to be recognised. It is important for the props to be organised before the filming begins, and this is why I feel it is important to mention all of the possible props, which I may use, in my storyboard. A guide to my props can also be shown below:

Props I plan to use in my trailer.


(After thinking about what key aspects should be included in my mise-en-scene and also the types of props I could use, it was then important to think about this further by including my chosen props in my storyboard. My storyboard is then the next step towards the production of my trailer.)

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