Location Research

(I have now finished my primary research and can begin to work directly with my promotional package. Before I begin my production; however, I need to consider certain features, one of them including the location for my teaser trailer to be filmed.)


Now I have finished all my primary research, I can begin to put what I have found out into action and begin to plan my promotional package in a lot more detail, starting with my teaser trailer. One of the most important features I need to consider, as well as the characters and the plot, is the location of my film. From my textual analysis, it is clear that New York City is a conventional location for a romantic comedy film, as it has been used in all three trailers which I previously analysed. During the summer I was fortunate enough to visit New York, America and therefore decided to use this as one of my location choices. This is as well as using Rutland in England, as in the films it also appeared conventional to use two locations, for example; in ‘Sex & The City 2’ the characters were filmed in both New York and Abu Dhabi. The filming location is a very important feature to consider as the setting is often a key factor to help the audience establish the genre of the film, which I researched as being fairly important.

Location Research Definition

Despite there being both pros and cons for filming on location, I have decided that this is clearly the easiest option for my task and will therefore carry out my teaser trailer in an established location as explained earlier. Even though I have chosen my two locations, I must narrow this down further to choose the exact location, and to do this, it is essential to bear certain things in mind. For example, the locations I choose, especially for my genre, must be aesthetically pleasing and interesting, as well as conventional. It is very important that I scout the right location; however, once this has been finalised, I must then schedule an appropriate time to carry out my filming. The filming I carried out whilst visiting New York was fairly restricted, nevertheless, I already had a clear idea of my film plot and one of my characters was also available. However, for the rest of my filming, I must arrange a day for when all of my characters are available and must also choose a day of appropriate weather conditions. Below are several images clearly showing the locations I have chosen:

Location 1 – New York City, America

Image One

Image Two

Image Three

Image Four

Image Five

Image Six

Image Seven

Image Eight

Location 2 – Leicestershire, England

Image One

Image Two

Image Three

Image Four

Image Five

(I now have a very clear idea of my filming location, as well as the plot of my film and the characters that will feature in my trailer. It was now important for me to carry out further research on other important features in my trailer, such as props and the mise-en-scene.)

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