Focus Group

(My next piece of audience research consists of a focus group which will allow a more direct approach towards my target audience and will allow opinions to be expanded.)


Focus Group Definition

After carrying out my questionnaire, I now have a clear idea of who my target audience is and what they look for in film advertisements, such as a trailer, website and poster. However, more research can be carried out to get a clearer idea of people’s preferences which will allow me a further insight enabling me to create final products which are appealing to my target audience. My first piece of primary research consisted of a questionnaire which asked general questions without expanding on them further. This method does not allow the researcher to question the participant on the choices they have made and why they have made them and this is why I have decided to carry out another method of research in the form of a focus group. A focus group will enable me to easily interact with a small group of people from my target audience and will allow me to ask direct questions which I can later expand on if necessary. It is a more informal way of audience research and is carried out in a more casual conversational style. I decided to conduct a small focus group of four participants and quizzed them on different features of film advertisements. I was particularly interested to know what they prefer to see on websites, trailers and posters and also what attracts them to watch the film. Knowing this will enable me to create different products which are appealing to my target audience. My four chosen participants will all be rom com lovers and to gain reliable results two will be female while the other two will be male. All of the participants will vary in age to gain a set of mixed responses.

Pros & Cons

While the questionnaire provided me with general ideas and opinions, it was very impersonal and not necessarily a direct approach to my audience research and this is why I have decided to carry out a small focus group of four participants. The focus group will allow me to ask direct questions and also expand on these and the answers delivered by the participants. This may also be a fairly more reliable form of research as the conversational tone allows the participants to speak freely and express their opinions. I previously asked general questions; however, I was now keen to gain an insight into what my target audience thought of the three promotional packages which I analysed. I predominately focused on asking questions regarding the trailer, as I researched in my questionnaire that teaser trailers were the most persuasive advertisement and also the most popular. I decided to ask four people from my acknowledged target audience, and decided to question two males and two females, who all enjoyed watching romantic comedy films, to gain different opinions. I showed all four participants the promotional packages in detail and then asked a variety of different questions. I also made sure that none of my participants had seen any of the films I chose to analyse, simply to allow for fair opinions and no biased views because someone may have seen and liked/not liked one of them. My focus group is shown below through the use of a visual and audio presentation:


Vodpod videos no longer available.


(After carrying out my focus group I now have a further, more in depth, idea about the production of my promotional package. My final piece of audience research will consist of a forum and an online poll.)

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