The Strangers website analysis

The Strangers Website Analysis

The main image on the website is a long shot and shows the inside of quite a big old fashioned house. The lighting is very dim, and we can see the good character on the left hand side. We can see she is good as there is a light shining dimly on her showing her full body. We can also see the villan in the background, who is shown in the darkness. We can see that he as bad as he is wearing a scary mask and is shown in the darkness, and the colour black represents death.  The whole image fits in well with the horror genre as she is vulnerable in a big house.

The font throughout this web page is in a gothic style, therefore fitting in well with the horror genre. The same font is also used on the poster. They have chosen a colour scheme of yellow/white black and red, which is also very typical of a horror theme. The white text can be easily seen on the black background and is easy to read. The mian title is at the top of the page, as well as all the different options that you can click on. The audience are able to learn a lot of information about the film by clicking on all the different icons, such as cast and crew and the story. The movie trailer is also played before you even enter the actual site, but the audience have the choice to skip past it if they have already seen it. The site also plays horror like music in the background adding to the atmosphere, but the audience have the choice to turn it off or keep it on, shown in the bottom left of the webpage.

On this webpage, the female is being represented as the victim, which is very stereotypical for a horror film. We can see this as she is wearing ordinary clothes and has not spotted the villan hiding in the dark behind her. The masked villan is being represented as the baddie as he is seen in a dark light and is wearing a scary mask. You can tell that this is a horror film by looking at the webpage as the red colours represent blood and the dark colours represent death and danger.

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