The Strangers poster analysis

The colour scheme for this poster is generally very dark and gloomy, which fits very well into the horror genre. The colour black signifies death and danger. However, there is a light source shining on the villan characters. This is purely to show the audience their appearance. The colour of the main text stands out very well on the dark background and is easy to read. The text is a yellow/white colour to represent candle light, which is a running theme throughout this particular film.

The main image on the poster shows all the main characters featured in the film, including the good characters and the villans. We can clearly see the appearence of the villans including their masks and their costumes. The villans are wearing scary looking masks which adds to the horror of the film and also hides their identity. This could be an important feature of the film.  We also don’t see the identity of the good charcters. The villans are standing over the good characters which shows that they are in control of the situation and they have power. This is a good representation of the villans being strong and the good people being in the weaker and more vulnerable position. We can see that the good chararcters are tied up, which proves that they are vulnerable and being controlled. The brick background also give a hint to the audience to where abouts the film might be set, and in this case, inside a house.

The title of the film is clearly placed under the main image, and can be seen very clearly up against the black background. The gothic style font fits in very well with the horror genre and is used throughout the poster. The glow coming from the font is supposed to represent the glow of a candle, again making it fit well into the horror genre, as candles can be seen as dangerous because of the naked flame. The poster does not show the release date.

The text ‘Because you were home’ is placed at the top of the poster, which shows its importance to the film. This tag line obviously plays a major part in the film, therefore they want the audience to notice this first. Enigma codes are introduced as the audience are now thinking why were they doing this?

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