The Grudge trailer analysis

The Grudge Trailer Analysis

The start of the trailer shows a busy city on a sunny day. People are going to and from work living their normal lives. Therefore it is in a state of equilibrium as everything appears to be normal and happy.  However the non digetic music in the background is very tension building, giving away a slight clue that this could be a trailer for a horror film.

We are then introduced to the first female character who seems to be looking up at the ceiling and all around her. She has heard a strange noise and has got at scared and quite worried expression on her face. The lighting is very dim giving off a sense of danger and horror, and creates an un-easy atmosphere. Enigma codes are created as the audience are now thinking, what was that noise? What’s going to happen to this woman? Again the female is being represented as the vulnerable victim, which is very typical in horror films.

The text fading in and out throughout the trailer gives the audience some knowledge of the story line, but still keeps them questioning about whats going to happen. The text ‘ a curse is left behind’ indicates that it is a horror film, as curses are evil. Enigma codes are created again as the audience are questioning what is this curse and what are going to be the consequences? The text is shown on a misty white background, which creates a mysterious atmosphere. The text is written in a dark blue/black colour which again goes well with the horror genre, as black represents death and danger. This colour scheme is used throughout the trailer. The fact that the text fades in and out makes it look more spooky, and the sweep of black hair across the screen might be giving the audience a clue as to who the main villan is or what the curse is about.

We are now introduced to another young female character who appears to be playing another victim. Typically, she has long blonde hair and is in an unfamiliar environment, typical of a horror film. The digetic sound of her voice says ‘the whole time I was in that house, I felt something was wrong’. We now know that she is inside a house and that she is feeling very un-easy and uncomfortable.  Enigma codes are created again as the audience are thinking why has something gone wrong, and what is it that’s causing everything to go wrong? The fact that something has gone wrong, also shows that it is a horror film.  Behind the victim, we quickly see a shadow passing by, of what looks to be a girl with long black hair. Her identity is not fully revealed, typical of a villan. This builds up the tension and we know that something is about to go wrong.

The constant flashing in and out of darkness and revealing a new villan defiantly adds to the terror and the tension of the trailer. The screams in the background also show that someone could be in pain, and the loud screeching noises also adds to this. We know that they are villans as they are shown in a dark light and have scary looking expressions on their faces. Their bodies and their identity are also not being fully revealed in the trailer, which is what you would expect in a horror trailer. The expression on the blonde female victims face becomes more and more frightened as more bad things start happening to the house. This shows her vulnerability as she is on her own in an unfamiliar environment.

The text ‘it never forvies’ and ‘it never forgets’ creates a lot of enigma codes, because the audience are thinking, who is ‘it’? and what can’t it forgive and forget? The audience are now more likely to go out and watch the film, as they want to know who this mystery person is. This tagline also appears on the poster, and the font and colour scheme remains the same. The background tension building music is becoming louder and louder and the tension is rising.

We then see several shots of a demented looking Chinese girl, who we saw previously in the trailer. The audience can now guess that she is likely to be the main villan. The behaviour of this Chinese girl is very abnormal as she is climbing down the stairs on her hands and knees and pulling very strange faces. This adds to the horror of the trailer, and she could be the character that is ‘cursed’. She has blood on her face so we can tell that she is a villan. Enigma codes are again created as we want to know why she is acting in this way.

An unexpected purple hand emerges out the back of the victims head while she is in the shower. This proves that she is the victim and that the curse has been put on her, but we don’t know why. Again this adds to the horror of the trailer. The victim is again seen as vulnerable. The trailer ends with the title of the film in bold white writing on and dark blue/ black background. The release date is not shown on the trailer.

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