SAW V trailer analysis

SAW 5 Trailer analysis

0:08 seconds. At the start of the trailer we have a very zoomed out long shot of a mans head lit up in a glass box. He is in the centre of the frame, and the rest of the frame is pitch black dark, giving off the feeling of vulnerability and danger. Black and dark scenes are very stereotypical of horror films and are often used. We can see Bathes enigma code because straight away the audience are questioning, why is he there? Why has this man got a box around his head? Therefore the audience are engaging with the trailer and want to watch more to relieve their thoughts. From watching previous Saw movies, the audience already know that it is a horror genre film.

0:13 seconds. The shot of the mans head then fades out to blackness, again creating tension and suspension for the audience. The text  ‘His Message Is Right’ then appears on the screen. Again the enigma code is created as the audience are questioning, what is the message? Who is ‘he’? Again this makes the audience want to carry on watching the trailer or even the film to see if they can work it out. Binary oppositions of Levis Strauss is also used here, as we have the contrast of the yellow writing against the black background. This colour scheme is very typical of a horror genre. The fact that the text fades in and out of the darkness also gives off a sense of mystery and adventure.

For the next three of four seconds the camera starts to zoom in on the males face, giving the audience slightly more of a clear look at the situation the man is in. The light is still focused on the males head and he is still surrounded by blackness. The audience are kept in suspense as they are still questioning why he is there. Keeping the audience in suspense is very typical of a horror genre movie trailer.

0:21 seconds. Again another piece of text comes up on the screen saying ‘His Love Is Everlasting’. Binary oppositions are used again here as we can see the white/yellow text on the dark black background. The same colour scheme is used throughout the trailer to help maintain the theme of horror.

The next 10 seconds are also very similar to what has just happened, again zooming in further on the males face where we can see that he is either asleep or passed out inside the box. It is unusual to see a male figure as the victim in this case, as you would normally expect a vulnerable female to be in danger. He has blood on the side of his face which shows that he must be in some kind of danger.

0:33 seconds. Then we hear a diegetic sound of a mans voice saying ‘hello’. It is the voice of a male with a very deep husky voice. This gives away some identity of the villan without actually showing anything of what he looks like. This adds mystery and danger to the trailer, which is very stereotypical of the horror genre. Again the enigma code is used as the audience will want to find out who this mystery person is. Immediately after we hear the word ‘hello’  there is a loud bang in the music, and the expression on the males face suddenly becomes very shocked and scared. This is designed to make the audience jump, as tension has been building throughout the trailer.

The background music from that point on remains very loud and screechy, giving away the genre of the film and to show the amount of danger the man is actually in.  You can hear him shouting and screaming and pulling at the box around his head. The traumatized expression on his face and his aggressive movements tell the audience that he is in a lot of danger, but we still don’t know why. Again the audience question, what is that box doing to that man? Why is he screaming? Another example of an enigma code. We still can’t clearly see what is surrounding him as the background colour is kept very dark. This will also make the audience want to watch the film, to find out the actual situation the man is in. The camera shots are very quick and jumpy to create excitement, action and also danger and horror. The fact that the film is released during Halloween also significantly adds to the horror aspect of the film, and you now associate SAW films with horror and Halloween.

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