Focus Group & Analysis

Focus Group

Focus Group Analysis



1.        How long would you expect a trailer to be?

From the results given, I can clearly see that the average length of a film trailer is roughly 2 minutes. From this I am going to use these results and apply it to my film trailer.

 2.       How does the music play apart in the trailer?

The choice of my background music must have an impact on the trailer. From the responses given from Drag Me to Hell trailer, the music had a big impact therefore; I must make sure that the right music is played to create a spooky mood/atmosphere.

 3.       What aspects did you expect to see in this trailer?

This question is interlinked backed to my questionnaire. However the audience clearly wants to see a glimpse of action as well as enigma in the trailer. I will also take into consideration of creating a cliff hanger just to create and engage tension to the audience.


1.       What’s the first thing that catches your eye?

2 out of 4 said the image is the first thing that catches their eye. Therefore I must make sure that my image is large and recognisable. I will also consider making the title priority as the title is the key convention of a poster.

 2.       What features gives the genre of the film away?

2 out of the 4 said that the fire on the poster was the most recognisable symbol/sign that indicated that the genre of the film was horror however, taking into account that the facial expression on the character has an impact on the genre. As a result I must make sure there is some sort of signs/symbols on my poster to help show the genre of my film/

3.       Is the tagline effective?

From viewing the tagline from the Drag Me to Hell poster, the responses/ reactions from it has been quite negative. People say that it is too long and gives the story away. 1 out of 4 said it is effective. Therefore as a result I’m going to make sure the tagline I use on my poster is short and simple.


1.       What other type of tabs would you expect to see?

There is a variety of extra things I could add onto my website, such as downloads and additional images. If I included there things I could interact with the audience better.

2.       What do you find interesting on a website?

Evidently the layout of the website is important as the audience wants to be able to access all the links as easy as possible. Other conventions such as social networking links should also be positioned on my homepage.

3.       What could be added?

Background music is most wanted on the website and therefore I am going to put some sort of music to create a mysterious mood on my website.


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