1st September 2010- Today I started to carry out my research to go towards my final production. I created a brief and some initial ideas of my chosen genre, which was horror. I then carried out textual analysis on a movie trailer, a website and a poster for the horror movie SAW V. I also started textual analysis on the movie trailer of The Strangers. I also decided to create my questionnaires for my target demographic, as I feel the results of these will help me when it comes to my final production of my promotional package.

2nd September 2010- Today I carried on my textual analysis of The Strangers and did the poster and the website. I also carried out textual analysis on a movie trailer, website and a poster of The Grudge and posted up my results. I also created my first very rough flat plans for my own promotional website and poster. This will help me get a clearer idea of what i want my promotional package to look like.

3rd September – 10th September 2010- During this time, I have been carrying on with my research. I made 3 different questionnaires about horror movie trailers, posters and websites, asking on peoples preferences. The information I recieve from these will be very helpful when it comes to designing and producing my trailer, poster and website, as I want to make sure I am attracting my target audience. I also gathered up the questionnaires and posted up the results. I also finally managed to write up a treatment for my film idea, showing the full story of my film and the ideas that I have in mind. Having this will be very useful when it comes to making my storyboard and producing my movie trailer. I will now go on to create my storyboard. I also created an online poll on wordpress, where people could answer my question. This will also help with the production of my horror movie trailer.

10th September-16th September

During this time, I was still progressing with my planning. I decided which actors I was going to use for my trailer, and I also decided on a main character. In the end I chose a girl called Bella who is 16. She fits in well with my trailer and the horror genre as she will be portrayed as the weak and niaeve young girl. In my planning I also listed which props I was going to use in my trailer. I also created a script for my trailer. It isn’t very long, as I didn’t want my trailer to drag on and appear boring to the audience. In this time I also started my shot list, as I knew exactly what I had in mind for the trailer, and I needed to start putting it together.

16th September – 8th October

During this time I finished off my shotlist and started to create my storyboard, now that I had a clear idea on how my trailer was going to appear. This took a long time, so maybe I should of started to create this earlier. I also managed to take some photos of my main character Bella to put on my promotional poster and website. Now that I had these images I was able to create the first drafts of my poster and website. For that next week I needed to spend time on photoshop creating and manipulating my poster and website, then post my first drafts onto wordpress.

8th October- 22nd November

During this time, I am going to film, edit and put together the first draft of my media trailer. My time will be spent filming at the location, and editing the film on Final Cut Pro. I will then post the finished draft onto youtube and insert this link onto my wordpress account.

22nd November – 13th December

During this time, I need to make the final changes to my poster, website and trailer, after recieving some feedback. I also needed to create my evaluation after all of this was done. This will take a long time, so I needed to allow myself enough time to do it. This will be done also on Final Cut Pro, and then uploaded onto youtube, followed by wordpress. Everything will then needed to be handed in on the 13th of December.

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