Audience Research – Focus Group

Focus group

After looking at the results of my questionnaire I found out who my target market would be, this allowed me to select people to interview for my focus group that would give me the best feedback for my ideas.

Question 1

The most popular choices of film genre from the questionnaire were horror and drama. What kind of dramatic horror movie would be most appealing to you?

Guy 2: That Blair Witch Project was a pretty dramatic horror movie, the cameras and that made it feel more real

Girl 1: Yeah that was pretty dramatic, but nothing really happened in the film

Guy 1: A film like 28 days later, now that’s a dramatic horror movie, loads of stuff happens there

Girl 2: Yeah a film like 28 days later would be cool

Question 2

To make sure that the name of the film is catchy enough and appealing, I’ve produced a few mock-ups for the title that could appear on the poster, which one would be the most appealing?

Girl 1: Infected, that sounds pretty good for a horror film like 28 Days Later.

Guy 1: Infected is pretty good.

Guy 2: I like the lettering on Generation Z, that looks more eye-catching.

Girl 2: I actually like Generation Z, its quite catchy and different from some conventional horror movie titles.

Question 3

From looking at the 3 websites for horror movies, which would you say has the most attractive and appealing design?

Guy 1: I like the Carries website, its pretty simple but it looks great.

Guy 2: The Dawn of the Dead website is better in my opinion, there’s lots going on, on it and it has interactive games and stuff.

Girl 2: The games are good on the Dawn of the Dead website, but I don’t think it would persuade me to go see the film anymore.

Girl 1: I agree about the Carriers website, the 28 Days Later one is just too messy.

Question 4

What makes the Carriers website the best out of the three?

Girl 1: I guess its just the fact that its simple and user-friendly, I mean, you don’t want to be waiting ages for it to load and be stuck trying to navigate through the website.

Guy 1: The fact that the trailer is on the front page is good to, because it lets you see the trailer without having to look through a whole bunch of other stuff, and the trailer is like one of the most important parts about the website.

Girl 2: I like how it looks, as well. The backgrounds are pretty good and help to create an atmosphere about the film.

Guy 2: Its alright, I still think that the Dawn of the Dead website is better.

Question 5

What would you expect to see from a horror movie trailer, similar to 28 Days Later?

Guy 2: Probably lots of fast editing.

Girl 2: Yeah, loads of short clips giving a quick glance of what happens in the film.

Guy 1: I’d expect to see some of the infected in the trailer so that I know what the film is going to be like.

Girl 1: Maybe some quotes from reviews or something like that.

Question 6

Which of the posters would you think would influence you most to go see a film?

Girl 1: The Dawn of the Dead one is the best in my eyes, it stands out with the colours, and you can see the name clearly against the white background.

Guy 2: I don’t really like the Carriers poster, it doesn’t tell you much about the film, it just looks a bit freaky.

Girl 2: From the Dawn of the Dead poster you can instantly tell what it’s about, maybe the same with the 28 Days Later poster, but the Carriers one doesn’t make much sense to me.

Guy 1: Based on the posters, I’d go and see 28 Days Later because it tells you about the film, but not so much that you know what it’s about.

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