Treatment for my film idea.

I have now completed my treatment for my film and have a clear idea of what will  happen in my film and who will star in my film.

Act one

Start – My film will start with an old black and white video of two girls playing around. I would therefore like this to be the start of my film trailer, as I feel it won’t really give much away and I feel this is a main part of my film. This is because the audience won’t know that the girls in my film are the same girls who grew up together if the black and white video isn’t shown. In my film, the video will be being watched by the girls and they will be laughing at how eaachother looked when they were younger and a bond will be shown between them. I feel this isn’t necessary to include into my trailer and therefore will have the shot after the video to go to black. The music when the video is playing will be calm and quite quiet and the girls I will use will be around the age of 2. I have decided to have the video black and white to not only show how old the video is but to also give a sense of unease and m,ystery as black and white seems much more mysterious than a colour picture. The setting for the video will be in a garden as this will realte to the setting of the park that I will use later on in my film. I will have the character or characters in the middle of the garden to make them look small and vulnerable.

Middle – For the middle of act one I would like the girls to be still together in one of their houses but just talking about old memories, so the audience can see how close the girls are. They will talk about their favourite song ‘heads, shoulders, knees and toes’ that they used to sing when they were small and will be laughing and joking about what they used to do as children. They will get old photos of themselves together out and will be talking about each one. Although all of this will happen in my film, for the trailer I would like to only have the two girls singing ‘head, shoulders, knees and toes’ throughout act one. At the start they will just be messing about but in the middle of act they will actually start singing. This is because I feel that showing the girls with old pictures etc isn’t necessary and will make the film pointless to watch. I feel that I have picked out the best part of act one which is the black and video and therefore this is the reason for showing it.

End – Although the girls will still be in the house watching the video and looking at photos, I don’t want to show this as I want the whole of act one to be the video of them as children. I want to show this video going fuzzy and completely blacking out in my trailer. This will happen when the girls are watching the video in their homes but I want the video to take up the whole screen so the audience don’t know that the girls are watching it. When the video goes fuzzy it will show the audience that something is going wrong and as it is black and white it will add to the horror feel and will be scarier than if it was in colour. I have decided to have music which wouldn’t be in the film in my trailer and it will go from calm and quite loud and fast.

Act two
Start – In act two of my film, the girls and another friend will decide to go out, and everything will seem perfectly normal. They will make plans and talk about what they want to do that night and whos house they will get ready at etc. I don’t want to show this in my film trailer and have therefore decided to go straight to the group of about 18-year-old girls getting ready to go out. In the film the camera will be handheld and I would like to use this in my trailer too. I won’t include much of them at their friends house because I only have a short amount of time and therefore I have chosen to have them laughing and joking about for only a few seconds. I have decided to set this part of the film in one of the girls houses as this gives a sense of normality to the audience and therefore uses enigma codes to create a sense of mystery to what is going to happen in the film.

Middle – In the actual film the whole of act two will be the group of girls getting ready still, and therefore this would be too long for my film trailer. I have only used the part where the girls sing ‘head, shoulders, knees and toes’ in my film trailer as this is one of the most important parts of the film. This will show the audience that the girls are the same girls that are in the video at the start of the film. In the film the girls will sing the whole song and will be doing other things too although in my trailer I only want part of the song as I don’t have much time. The camera will still be handheld and the person filming will zoom into two characters, Lauren and Saarah showing that these are the main characters in the film. This will happen in the film although will stay on the characters for longer than in my trailer.

End – In the film, the girl will already of looked in the wardrobe and would of tried things on too although in my trailer I have chosen to cut this down. I find Lauren looking in the wardrobe is a main part of the film as this is where she finds the mask, and have therefore decided to use this. I want the victim to look inside the wardrobe for something to wear and to find a mask. She will think nothing of it and will just throw it on the floor in the film trailer although in the film she will ask her friend about it, where she will just tell her to forget about it. The mask is extremely significant which is why I have decided to use it obviously in my trailer as it will be the mask that the murderer will wear. I have hinted in the trailer by doing this that the murderer it actually one of the girls.

Act three

Start – In the film this is where the genre of the film is shown clearly as the film will become a lot more scarier. For this reason I have chosen to present this in my trailer at this point too as I believe this is a major part of my film. Although in my film there won’t be much music, at this point I have decided that in my trailer the music will become quicker and louder to show the aduience that something bad is going to happen. In the film the girls will be ready to go out and will leave the house, they will be seen on the way to where they are going although I have chosen for the audience to only see the door shutting. This will add tension to the trailer and I feel that seeing them leave the house and actually going out is irrelevant and will loose the audiences attention. The music will get louder when the door slams. In the film it will be night-time and this will be clear to the audience from the trailer as this is a major convention of a horror film and therefore I would like to present this clearly in the trailer.

Middle – In the film the friends will be out a while although weird things will be happening to them, like people will make hints about each one of them going missing and dying etc. The friends will get scared as one of their friends goes missing. I have decided to miss out the bits that will take up a lot of time which is where the weird things happen as I feel that it would be pointless for the audience to watch the film if they had already seen these bits. I have decided to only include the part in the film where one of the friends goes missing. The camera shots will be quicker then they were and therefore will add a sense of unease.

End – In the film the police will be called, and people will be seen around the place that the girl is missing, although the girls don’t see these people. This is to add a sense of tension as the audience are trying to think of where the girl could be or who could of taken her. I don’t want to include this into my trailer as I would like this to only be seen if they watch the film. I will therefore only include the friends panicking, with fast music and quick camera shots.

Act four

Start – In the actual film, here is where the person in the mask who has taken the girl will be seen taking her and will be seen actually killing her. I feel that this will reveal too much if it is included into the trailer and the audience will feel let down when watching the film and therefore won’t include this. I have decided to have the murderer only be seen dragging the victim in her underwear through the park, after he has murdered her. I have decided for this part of the film to be set in a park to relate to the black and white video at the start of the film. In the film I want this to be filmed from quite far away to show the victim’s vulnerability as she lies in the middle of the field. This will also be shown in my trailer as I feel it is important and will  make the audience want to go and watch the film as they don’t actually know what has happened to her. The victim will be covered in blood and the murderer will be molesting her by licking her face etc. In the film it will be longer as people will walk past and see what is happened but be too scared to say anything. Also, the villain will do more horrific things to the victim as this is conventional for a horror film although I don’t want to include these into the trailer. The music will be loud and fast as this is where the most action happens.

Middle – In the film, people will start to gather at the park, police, family and friends although they will not be in the camera as they won’t be able to go near the victim and villain as they are being kept away by the police. Everyone will be going mad although this won’t be shown in my trailer. The person in the mark while molesting the victim will in a creepy voice sing ‘head, shoulders, knees and toes’ for the people who are on the park and peope will join in and it will become louder. The murderers voice will be the last to be heard and will sing the part, ‘knees and toes, knees and toes’ on her own. The only part of this that will be shown to the audience in the trailer will be her singing as I don’t want the film to be ruined and feel that by doing this the audience will want to see more. 

End – In the film the murderer will say ‘sleep tight’ in a creepy voice and will laugh and will then remove their mask so everyone who is there to see see’s the murderers face and it is discovered that the person is Saarah, Lauren’s best friend. The police run over and arrest her while family and friends are crying and in histerics. I don’t want this to be seen in the film as it will ruin the film therefore I have chosen to have the camera close up to the murderer and the music will become quicker. The person under the mask will go to remove their mask although wont and the trailer will end without the audience knowing who is behind the mask. This will create a mystery as although the audience have an idea of who it is, they don’t actually know.

Throughout my trailer I would like to have different people faces flashing through so the audience get different ideas of who it could be in the mask.

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