Treatment for my film idea

Zombie horror movie

Act 1

The film starts out with Character 1 heading in to town to buy a snake from some guy on the market. The snake isn’t just an ordinary snake though, it is said to grant anyone who is bitten by it immortality. When Character 1 gets back home his friend, Character 2, is there and they go inside to check out the snake. As soon as the box is opened the snake dives at Character 2 and bites him, who then grabs the snake and kills it by swinging it at a wall or something. Character 1 is pretty mad that he didn’t get to be bitten, but Character 2 is in a bad way after being attacked so he puts him to bed and goes out to get some aspirin or something.

Act 2
Character 1 gets home from the shops and sees that is family is home from the car being parked on the front but when he goes inside, its dead silent. Character 1 looks around the house and finds that Character 2 has become a zombie and has torn up most of his family. Character 1 bolts, and a chase scene ensues in which chaos is descending on the rest of the world with cars crashing, and zombies attacking people.

Act 3

Character 1 encounters 2 others, Character 3 and 4, who aren’t infected and they decide to team up. But by accidentally getting the blood of an infected person in an open wound Character 3 becomes infected and starts to chase after Character 4. Character 1 hears the Character 4 shouting for help and comes running, determined not to let another person become a zombie, and resolves the situation by bludgeoning Character 3’s head in.

Act 4

Character 1 and 4 head off and encounter Character 5 and 6 who after befriending character 1 and 4, knock out Character 1, kidnap Character 4 and steal all the food and supplies and leave Character 1 to die at the hands of the brainless zombies. Character 1 manages to recover in time to defend himself and manages to fight off several undead before escaping and going to save Character 4 from the evil clutches of Character 5 and 6.

Act 5

Character 1 catches up with 4, 5 and 6 who are having a bit of trouble with a bunch of zombies. Character 1 uses this distraction to rescue Character 4 and in the process wounds Character 5. Character 6 realising that he’ll never make it with a wounded Character 5 runs away only to run into another bunch of zombies rendering him undead, and Character 5 is left crippled with a whole load of zombies that want to eat him, including Character 6. 1 and 4 escape.

Act 6

Character 1 and 4, after escaping, find a radio while scavenging for supplies and send out a distress signal which is picked up by a local military unit (arranged by the government all across the country to find survivors and wipe out the zombies). The military tell Character 1 and 4 that they are sending out a team to pick them up. As they wait for the military to arrive, Character 1 starts to tell Character 4 about how all this was his fault and that he had already confided this in Character 5 who was so disgusted with Character 1’s acts that he knocked him out and took off with 4 and 6. On hearing 1’s confession 4 attacks him just as the military arrive who simply think that 4 has become one of the infected and gun them down. Leaving 1 still alive.

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